Monday, January 17, 2022

Winter Solstice 2021 Issue by Eternal Haunted Summer

My poem, Ethereal Melodies, was published in the Yule issue of Eternal Haunted Summer.  You can read it for free, along with the rest of the issue, here.


A Crown of Stars by Shelly Jones 

Ethereal Melodies by Ashley Dioses 

Giving the Moon Back to the Moon by Hayley Stone 

La Loba by Michele Mekel 

The Legionnaire by Mark J. Mitchell 

The Mercy of Compromise by Gerri Leen 

Mother Midnight by Denise Dumars 

Mothers’ Night by Adam Bolivar 

My Mom Called Them ‘Thunderboomers’ by Traci McMickle 

Night Communion by Lyri Ahnam 

Night Spell by Deborah Sage 

Nyx by Manuel W Balaguer-Cortés 

Owl’s Wisdom by K. A. Opperman 

Sacred Eclipse by Eve Morton 

A Sickle Moon by Lorraine Schein 

The Tiny Goblin by Ann Wuehler 

Waning by Lorraine Jeffrey 

The Wild Hunt by Ngo Binh Anh Khoa 

The Witch Hares by Dr. Sara Cleto and Dr. Brittany Warman 

Withered by Robert Beveridge  

Year’s Walk by Scott J. Couturier 

Fiction and Prose Poetry

Bleed the Night by Maxwell Ian Gold 

Cup by Hugh Allison

In the Company of Shadows by Sabrina Balmick 

Midnight at the Abbey of Shadows by Laurence Raphael Brothers 

Ratri and the Grieving Botanist by Jay Sturner 

She Comes With the Mist by Sarah Walker

sun, to stand still by Monica Robinson 


Natalia Clarke, author of Pagan Portals: Baba Yaga


A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe by Alex White

[reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

Pagan Portals: Seeking the Primal Goddess by Melusine Draco

[reviewed by Christopher Greiner]

Singing to the North Wind by Susannah Ravenswing

[reviewed by Erin Lale]

Thunder God of Mars by John Taloni

[reviewed by Erin Lale] 

Weirdbook Annual #3: Zombies! by Wildside Press

I meant to post this sooner but time got away from me.  My copy of Weirdbook Annual #3: Zombies! by Wildside Press arrived and it looks gorgeous.  It does have an unfortunate typo in my title.  My poem is supposed to be titled Necrophilic Sin, not Necrophalic Sin, which is amusing.  I did not catch the error when verifying the proof so it stuck.  Oh well, it happens.

The Meddler, by Matthew John
Tiger Girls vs. the Zombies, by Lucy A. Snyder
Dead Between the Eyes, by Adrian Cole
Alive Again, by Franklyn Searight
The Night Hans Kroeger Came Back, by Kenneth Bykerk
The Marching Dead, by Andrew Darlington
I Wished for Zombies, by D.C. Lozar
O Mary Don’t You Mourn, by Mike Chinn
To Die, To Sleep, No More, by Erica Ruppert
Run, Monster, Run, by Teasha Seitz
Another Night in Bayou Sauvage, by Chad Hensley
Kifaro, by Dilman Dila
But I Love Him, by Scott Wheelock
Who Wants to Live Forever?, by Angela Yuriko Smith
The Dead Are Always Hungry, by Christopher Alex Ray
Zen Zombies, by R. A. Smith
Cassius Max, by KT Morley
A Nanotech Samsara, by J.N. Cameron
Pine in the Soul, by John Linwood Grant
“Welcome Home”, by Craig E. Sawyer
Papa Hanco, by Ed Reyes
They Shall Eat Dust, by Josh Reynolds
In Shadow Valley, by Nick Swain
Devil’s Bargain, by J.F. Le Roux
Right for You Now, by Andrew Jennings
E’Zunguth, the Zombie God, by Maxwell I. Gold
Lazy River, by Kelly Piner
The New Human, by Shayne K. Keen
This Little Piggy, by EV Knight
Life Unworthy of Life, by Stephanie Ellis
More Blood, by Carson Ray
This Creeping Cold, by Kevin Rees
The Body I Used to Be, by Scott Edelman
Queen of Hearts, by S.E. Lindberg

Plus poetry by Ashley Dioses, Avra Margariti, Josh Maybrook, Darrell Schweitzer, Lori R. Lopez, Allan Rozinski, K.A. Opperman, Gregg Chamberlain, Robert Borski, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Colleen Anderson, and David C. Kopaska-Merkel.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

ParAbnormal Magazine September 2021 by Hiraeth Publishing

I got my awesome copy of ParAbnormal Magazine September 2021 by Hiraeth Publishing.  It contains my poem The Horseman of the Hollow based of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.  The Horseman of the Hollow will appear in Diary of a Vampyress.

Ball by DJ Tyrer
Same Old Story by Dominick Cancilla
Necrosis by Rob Burton
The Haunting of Bhangarh by Shashi Kadapa
Sins of the Father by Gregory L. Norris
The Horseman of the Hollow by Ashley Dioses
Novena for the Disburdened Widow by Amanda Hard
Ghost of the Woods by Matthew Wilson
Beware the Tyger Called Id by Avra Margariti
The Nightmarish Absurdity of Joe R. Lansdale by Daniel R. Robichaud
Ghost Ships of the Pacific


Sanitarium Magazine Issue No. 4

 I received my copy of Sanitarium Magazine Issue No. 4 which contains my poem, Death and the Youth.  Death and the Youth will appear in Diary of a Vampyress,

Table of Contents

So I Married A Serial Killer by Kurt Newton
Those Red Eyes by Lex Sinclair
Sandwiches by Duncan Ros
Death and the Youth by Ashley Dioses
The Rat King by Jarred Martin
Where The Light Ends by Gerri Leen
Pachooee by Miracle Austin
Fragile Things by Lisa Marie Pais
The Flesh Man by Manuel Ruiz
The Kappa's Promise by Malina Douglas
From Shadows by Josh Holton
Her Web by Ivan Richardson
Feast by Melissa Kendall
Dear Guardian by John Grey
The Thing in the Rafters by Andrew Hughes
Into The Briar Woods by Avra Margariti
Dear Ambrose by Anthony Giordano
Teratology by Vincent Robert-Nicoud
Contagion by Jen Mierisch
The Savages by Warren Benedetto
Officer Down, Permanently by Ray Daley
Half-Past Nowhere Everywhere by Kevin Brown
Barking Mad by Patrick Winters
Ashes by William Conelly
Forboding by Ken Poyner
A Perfect Cemetery by Shawn Kobb
A man you’ll never know by Leon Taylor
A Healing Swarm by Eric Raglin
As well as an interview with Blue Dinosaur’s Peter Collins, a group Q&A session and a horror crossword. 

Spectral Realms No. 15

Spectral Realms No. 15 by Hippocampus Press contains my poem, Moonlit Waters.  I sent this submission in a while ago and never heard back.  I saw the ToC and was sad that I was going to miss my very first SR.  I queried about it and it turns out it was accidentally overlooked.  So I made it in just in time.  I'd also like to point out that this issue contains a lovely review of my second poetry collection, The Withering.



Mother Dearest / Ngo Binh Anh Khoa
Epiphany / M. F. Webb
October is Coming / K. A. Opperman
Plague / Lori R. Lopez
Ballade of the Plague Orgy of Moloch / Wade German
Télos: The Anxiety of Choice / Maxwell I. Gold
Close Behind / by Frank Coffman
The Swamp Maiden / Jordan Zuniga
Permian-Triassic / Geoffrey Reiter
I Awaken in October / Scott J. Couturier
Reading the Leaves / Ann K. Schwader
What Came of the Search / Steven Withrow
The Banquet of Thalassa / Oliver Smith
Tremulous Expectancy / Charles Lovecraft
Assailant from the Unknown / David Barker
The Call of Lizzie / Carl E. Reed
Black Hymeneal / Manuel Arenas
In the Small Hours (moon version) / Chad Hensley
The Final Conquest / Ngo Binh Anh Khoa
Carcoza / DJ Tyrer
Mail Order Bride / Alicia Hilton
Plaything / Manuel Pérez-Campos
Death’s Kingdom / Jordan Zuniga
Lepidoptera, My Sweet / D. L. Myer
The Meadows of Night / F. J. Bergmann
Termination Shock / Geoffrey Reiter
The Gathering / M. F. Webb
The Costume / Lori R. Lopez
Faust Unrepentant / Josh Maybrook
Jack Thunder / Adam Bolivar
Of Masks and Monsters / Maxwell I. Gold
Goblin Laughter / Wade German
The Eden Spills / P. B. Grant
Oleander and Wolfsbane / Alicia Hilton
Beautiful Beast / Claire Smith
La Villa Infestada / Frank Coffman
The Haunter of College Hill / David Barker
Within the Wood / Abigail Wildes
A Bottled Dredge / Charles Lovecraft
An Old Bone in the Bluebells / Oliver Smith
Carrot and Stick / Steven Withrow
Shuffling Horror / Carl E. Reed
To Kiss Death’s Shroud / Scott J. Couturier
Witch’s Tit / Manuel Arenas
Our Ghosts Are Going Away / Darrell Schweitzer
In The Court of the Dragon / DJ Tyrer
An Ungodly Thing / Jordan Zuniga
Uses of Enchantment / F. J. Bergmann
Allure of the Western Sky / Jay Sturner
“Shadows, You Say” / Frank Coffman
Hounds of the Lord / Justin Permenter
A Crow Is Calling / Lori R. Lopez
Laughter out of the Sea / Maxwell I. Gold
Old Sorcery / Wade German
Fatal Attraction / Ngo Binh Anh Khoa
The Damned: A Ghazal / Joshua Gage
The Bookshop on the Wharf / David Barker
Printz’s Oratory / Steven Withrow
The Daemon Masque / Adam Bolivar
A Word / Geoffrey Reiter
Moonlit Waters / Ashley Dioses
Manurog / Manuel Arenas
Black-winged Battle Cry / Carl E. Reed

Classic Reprints

The Deserted House / Alfred, Lord Tennyson
The Vampire / Conrad Aiken

Two Contemporaries, One Classic / S. T. Joshi
An Aesthetic of Grotesquerie / Leigh Blackmore

Notes on Contributors


Weirdbook Magazine Issue 44

Weirdbook Magazine Issue 44 contains one of my personal favorite poems, Belladonna's Kiss.  Belladonna's Kiss will be in Diary of a Vampyress.

The 44th issue of Weirdbooks is a ghoulish delight of horror and fantasy fiction, with a terrific lineup of original stories and poetry. Stories featured in this issue include:

"Let Me Be Your Swamp Snake," by Adrian Cole
"A Whisper in the Death Pit," by Kyla Lee Ward
"Deadest Man in Town," by Franklyn Searight
"Penumbra Over Millwall," by Jan Edwards
"Birth," by M. Stern
"Okiko’s Doll," by Stefano Frigieri
"Heatseeker," by Tim Curran
"The Librarian," by Sharon L. Cullars
"Dream Warriors (1) Team Spirit," by D.C. Lozar
"Bang!," by Chris Kuriata
"Death and the Vampire," by James Dorr
"The Dust of Sages and Fools," by John R. Fultz
"Push Dagger," John C. Hocking

Plus a selection of poetry by: Darrell Schweitzer, Allan Rozinski, Lucy A. Snyder, Maxwell I. Gold, Ashley Dioses, Ann K. Schwader, Chad Hensley, Frederick J Mayer, Cindy O’Quinn, and K.A. Opperman

The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy Issue Nine

 I received my copy of The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy Issue Nine which contains my final sonnet, VII. Vials of Wrath, in my mini sonnet cycle, The Seven Seals.  The Seven Seals will be in my Diary of a Vampyress collection.  If you can't wait for Diary of a Vampyress, The Seven Seals sonnet cycle can be found in the last 4 issues of The Audient Void.

(Covid self-cut bangs.)

"Glory Farm" by Justin Guleserian
"Whiteout" by Dorianne Emmerton
"Treacherous Yellow" by Sipora Coffelt

"Ghosts Everywhere Writhe" by Scott J. Couturier
"Unearthly Delights" by Marge Simon
"Child Of The Sea Serpent" by Jennifer Crow
"The Hounds" by Adam Bolivar
"Saturna" by K.A. Opperman
"Vials Of Wrath" by Ashley Dioses

"From the Void" by Obadiah Baird
"Ye Olde Lemurian" by David Barker

Cover art, interior art and design by Dan Sauer.