Thursday, May 13, 2021

Adaptive Visions II - The 2020-2021 Fine Arts Student's Show

At 5:30 pm today, the Adaptive Visions II - The 2020-2021 Fine Arts Student's Show started and my 3 poems, Atop a Crystal Moon, On a Dreamland's Moon, and Ligeia, appeared in this virtual art gallery.  Unfortunately, poetry does not lend itself to be viewed very well in a virtual art gallery and they appeared very small.  At least my books can be clearly seen.

"The Students' Show is an annual exhibition showcasing students from the Fine Arts Division at Cypress College and hosted by the Cypress College Art Gallery. 'Adaptive Vision' is the temporary title and strategy that has been added to this temporarily remote exhibition in response to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. All departments students within the Fine Arts are invited to participate. Please enjoy, the art, dance, design, media, and music created during the 2020-2021 school year."


The 2021 Rhysling Anthology

I just received my copy of The 2021 Rhysling Anthology by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association.  My poem, Beneath the Fullest Moon, was nominated for the short form category and my poem Twisted Sayings was nominated for the long form category.  Beneath the Fullest Moon was originally published in Midnight Under the Big Top: Madness, Murder, and Magic by Cemetery Dance Publications and Twisted Sayings was originally published in The Withering.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments v
Editor’s Note: Alessandro Manzetti, 2021 Rhysling Chair xi
About the Rhysling Awards xii
Donations to the 2021 Rhysling Anthology xiv

Short Poems First Published in 2020 (99 poems)
Summer Time(lessness) • Linda D. Addison 1
Timegeddon • Francis W. Alexander 2
The Void Blends in Your Hands (El vacío se conjuga entre tus manos)
• Carmen Lucía Alvarado 4
The Tree of Eyes • Colleen Anderson 5
They Made My Face • Sara Backer 6
Sealskin Reclaimed • Alison Bainbridge 6
a siren whispered in my ear one night • Ashley Bao 7
Chrono-Man • F. J. Bergmann 8
Lesser Eternity • F. J. Bergmann 10
Chronovisor Wanted • Robert Borski 10
The Monster Maker • Bruce Boston 11
When Change Comes • Karen Bovenmyer 12
The Edge of Galaxy NGC 4013 • Warren Brown 12
He Sold What He Had Left • Diane Callahan 13
Three Triolets • Anna Cates 15
The Luck Eaters • Beth Cato & Rhonda Parrish 16
Post-Obit Cautionary Tale • G. O. Clark 17
Zodiac Girl • Carolyn Clink 18
Back Story • David Clink 19
The dead couple of Blenheim • William Clunie 20
an alien axiom • Gerald L. Coleman 21
Mouthing off • PS Cottier 22
The Memory of Summer • Jennifer Crow 23
The Old God Dies • Jennifer Crow 24
The Man with the Corpse on His Shoulders • James Cushing 24
Isotopical • d’Ores&Deja 26
A Hand Against My Window • Deborah L. Davitt 27
A Touch of Lightning in the Soul • Deborah L. Davitt 28
The Witch’s Cat • Deborah L. Davitt 28
Beneath the Fullest Moon • Ashley Dioses 29
Dragons Guard Our Family Fortune • Adele Gardner 30
Last Contact • Jean-Paul L. Garnier 31
The Mollusk God • Maxwell Ian Gold 32
Tree Limbs Block the Road • Patricia Gomes 32
Lucky & His Dad • Alan Ira Gordon 33
The Crib • Vince Gotera 34
A Soldier Writes His Wife • Vince Gotera 35
First Contact • Robin Rose Graves 36
Teddy Bear Diner • Michael H. Hanson 38
Hungry Ghost • Millie Ho 38
Ignorance, my prophylactic • Akua Lezli Hope 40
Dolly Waits • Juleigh Howard-Hobson 41
That is not what I meant at all • Brian Hugenbruch 41
“Flee”—The Last Dispatch from the Jemison Station • Maya C. James 42
Requiem • Clay F. Johnson 42
Form Factor • Tim Jones 44
Family Historian • Herb Kauderer 45
Cave Painting • Bran Keane 46
Posle Nas • Rosalie Morales Kearns 46
Star Trip(tych) • M. X. Kelly 48
Witching • Erin Kirsh 48
Life Goes On • David C. Kopaska-Merkel 49
We sell skin on sale • Rachel Lachmansingh 51
The Forest in the Full of the Moon • Geoffrey A. Landis 51
Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins • Geoffrey A. Landis 52
The Cat’s Epilogue • Mary Soon Lee 53
Cavall • Mary Soon Lee 55
What Phoenixes Read • Mary Soon Lee 55
Darning • Sandra J. Lindow 56
Rapunzel at Seventy • Sandra J. Lindow 57
Grass Whisperer • Lynne M. MacLean 57
Lovely Ludwig Van • Alessandro Manzetti 59
Kings and Queens of Narnia • Meep Matsushima 60
Black Water, Black Bones • Michelle Muenzler 60
Libations • Soonest Nathaniel 61
Cento for Lagahoos • Brandon O’Brien 62
Mountain • Cindy O’Quinn 63
You Were With Me • Cindy O’Quinn 63
The Krakeness • K. A. Opperman 64
On the Edge of Forever • Josh Pearce 65
Fin • Terese Mason Pierre 66
Like Clockwork • Christina M. Rau 67
Bar Scene • John Reinhart 68
It Feels Like Drowning • Terrie Leigh Relf 68
fear of police, but as sci-fi, because /that/ you can understand -or, less
passive aggressively- get these fucking phasers out of my face
• J. C. Rodriguez 69
invocation of my guardian angel in six sexts • Camille Rosas 70
Arrival Mind • Louis B. Rosenberg 71
Of fairy tales— • David F. Shultz 73
People Dropping Dead in the Mall Parking Lot • Alan Ray Simmons 74
Journey’s End • Marge Simon 75
Old Playfellow • Noel Sloboda 76
Riding the Exhale • Angela Yuriko Smith 77
The Deer • Christina Sng 78
Dream Weaver • Blaize Kelly Strothers 79
The Selkie Wife • Marcie Lynn Tentchoff 80
Andromeda’s Lament • Gretchen Tessmer 81
End Credits • Gretchen Tessmer 82
A Tempest • Sheree Renée Thomas 83
Why did white people conquer the world for spices and then never use
them? • R. Thursday 84
King Pest • Richard L. Tierney 86
Athena Holds Up a Mirror to Strength • Ali Trotta 87
Persephone’s Sneakers • Amanda Trout 88
Extinction No. 6 • Morgan L. Ventura 88
Unlooping • Marie Vibbert 89
Acacia • Holly Lyn Walrath 90
we are all energy • M. Darusha Wehm 90
The Paper Effigies Shop • Deborah Wong 91
[hand-me-down] • Greer Woodward 92

Long Poems First Published in 2020 (64 poems)
And It Was Bad • Anne Carly Abad 95
The Looking Glass • Colleen Anderson 96
Snow White’s Apples • Colleen Anderson 98
Time Traveller’s Memory • Davian Aw 100
Regarding • F. J. Bergmann 105
The Riches of the Cloud Country • Ruth Berman 108
Eleven exhibits in a better Natural History Museum, London
• Jenny Blackford 110
The priestess’s daughter • Jenny Blackford 112
The Third Sister • Andrea Blythe 116
Parabiont • Robert Borski 117
Devilish Incarnations • Bruce Boston 120
Wishes • Jennifer Bushroe 123
Learning the Way • Sarah Cannavo 124
Mrs. Housekeeper • Beth Cato 126
My Cat, He • Beth Cato 128
Cursebody • May Chong 130
Municipal Ghosts • May Chong 132
La Bête: The Beast of Gévaudan • Frank Coffman 134
The Wheel of the Year • Frank Coffman 138
The Imp and the Bottle • Sharon Cote 146
The King of Eyes • PS Cottier 148
Twisted Sayings • Ashley Dioses 149
After the Decipherment • FJ Doucet 151
Penelope, the truth • Clarabelle Fields 154
The Mad Scientist to the Muse of Her Dreams • Adele Gardner 156
Odysseus Grins at Fate and the Gods • Adele Gardner 158
Seven Steps to Reach Your Father across the Great Divide • Adele Gardner 159
Cellars, Caskets, and Closets • Maxwell I. Gold 162
The Secret Ingredient is Always the Same • Sarah Grey 164
Fermi’s Spaceship • Jamal Hodge 167
Igbo Landing • Akua Lezli Hope 169
First Turn • Juleigh Howard-Hobson 170
The Finger • Abi Hynes 172
An Offering • Michael Janairo 174
The Emerald Witch Stone • Clay F. Johnson 176
The First Dragon • Herb Kauderer 179
The Unicorn Insane • Herb Kauderer 181
Dictionary of the Lost • Luke Kernan 183
Robo Sapiens Thinks He Thinks • Geoffrey A. Landis 185
Ford • Mary Soon Lee 187
Jumble • Mary Soon Lee 193
Two Weeks • Mary Soon Lee 196
Invisible Ink • Gerri Leen 198
Social Graces • Lori R. Lopez 201
The Whistle Stop • Lori R. Lopez 204
The Son-in-law from Hell • LindaAnn LoSchiavo 208
Budapest • S. Qiouyi Lu 210
Alice • Alessandro Manzetti 215
The Cage • Alessandro Manzetti 217
The Believers • Meep Matsushima 219
Nephele, On Friday • Elizabeth R. McClellan 221
There Must Be Blood • Elizabeth R. McClellan 224
lagahoo culture (Part I) • Brandon O’Brien 226
Mise-en-scène • Suphil Lee Park 229
Next! • Michael H. Payne 231
Caged • Marsheila Rockwell 233
Our Lady of the Acherontia • Allan Rozinski 236
Such Monstrous Births • Emily Smith 238
All That I Have Lost • Christina Sng 240
Dark Forest • Christina Sng 243
Hansel and Gretel • Christina Sng 245
Love Song of the Swamp Witch Scorned • Alena Sullivan 248
A Song from Bedlam (with apologies to Christopher Smart) • Nike Sulway 250
A Dish Best Served • Lisa Timpf 253
Daughters Saving Mothers • Holly Lyn Walrath 256

Rhysling Award Winners 1978–2020 259
SFPA Grand Master Award Winners 263
How to Join SFPA 264


Saturday, April 17, 2021

Poem Acceptance

 My poem, The Stag, has been accepted for the sequel to A Walk in a Darker Wood, The Darker Heart of the Wood by Oxygen Man Books.  A Kickstarter will be made for this book.  It should be out sometime this year.  The Stag is about the Wild Hunt and the white stag every hunter yearns to hunt.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A Walk in a Darker Wood by Oxygenman Publishing

Just to show that I'm way behind in updates on my writing life, this was published in December.  My poem, The Fork in the Road, appears in A Walk in a Darker Wood by Oxygenman Publishing.  The Fork in the Road will appear in Darkest Days and Haunted Ways.   

Table of Contents

Introduction by Sarah Walker, Scott Couturier, and Shayne Keen
Who Maketh Fertile the Fields by David Barker
Observations of a Black Toad by Phil Breach
The Silhouettes by D. L. Myers
Towards a Place Where Everything's Better by S. L. Edwards
Moonville by John H. Howard
Therein Lies a Tail by Duane Pesice
Rosaire, Master of Wolves by Manuel Arenas
Putting Down Roots by Russell Smeaton
There Came the Sun by Ivan Zoric
Spring Leanings by Alan Sessler
Daughters of the Hare by K. A. Opperman
Morton's Woods by Jill Hand
The Scarlet Room by Adam Bolivar
Jack and the Magic Ham by Adam Bolivar
The Fork in the Road by Ashley Dioses
Cat-o-Lantern by K. A. Opperman
The King of Mudlings by Shayne Keen
The Willow Stand by Scott J. Couturier
GreenFingers by Sarah Walker
The Blackdamp by William Tea
The Untold History of the Grimorium by Maxwell I. Gold
The Mill District by Maquel A. Jacob
Fine and Fancy Arms by Gordon B. White
Her Dark Hymn by Hayley Arrington
Hyenas by Michael S. Walker
King O' the Wood by Can Wiggins
Jenny Green-teeth by Chelsea Arrington
Of Blood and Flowers by Chelsea Arrington 
A Slow Remembered Tide by John Linwood Grant
Witch Woman by Hayley Arrington 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

WiHM 12: Riveting Verse

I know this is late by 2 months, but this just goes to show how my mind is focused on a million other things right now.  I totally missed when this was posted but I wrote a little something for The Horror Tree for Women in Horror Month.

It's an abbreviated article I wrote for an HWA newsletter years ago.  

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Chaotic Good

 So a lot of crazy unexpected things happened this year.  I guess life decided that I was having a ball of a time quarantining, not going to work, and reading 90 books all last year and overcompensated this year.  Late last year my college debt was paid off.  Long story short, my former college wasn't very honest with their students and I ended up with degree that was pretty much obsolete before I even graduated and a few years later, they closed down completely.  And they left me with a ton of debt.  

So feeling freedom for the first time in 10 years, I decided I would go back to college.  This time, I had a job and made this stuff called money, and decided I would not be in debt again and just pay as I went.  I was very nervous.  Not only have I not been to college in 10 years but I hated online classes and actually dropped out of 2 of my 3 classes because they were online.  When I signed up, I wasn't even sure I would like it or even be able to do it.  When I signed up and began classes, I found it surprisingly easy to navigate and then all of a sudden, I was a college student again.  I started Spring term in January.  

I was working part-time at my job and I knew that was going to be furloughed again between March until probably August like last year.  I worked at a college bookstore 15 minutes from my house as a Course Materials Team Lead (official title,  I was like a supervisor).  I had 5 4 1/2 hour shift days.  My direct manager then told me that a position opened up for Course Materials Manager at another store yet it was a bit further away.  I asked her what city and what store and... it's my school.  It was at the college that I am now attending.  What a coincidence!  I applied and got it.  Full-time, benefits, higher pay (of course), the whole shebang.  It's also an hour/hour and a half drive.  And my classes were scheduled around my former job schedule.  Classes are on T-Th mornings and evenings.  Perfectly fit around my former 4 1/2 hour schedule for a job that was 15 minutes away.  Classes are all online so I'm not conveniently at school whereas I can then head to work or vice versa.  So if I'm not at work, I'm in class, and if I'm not in class, I'm doing homework and if I'm not doing homework, I'm asleep.

Needless to say, writing doesn't fit in.  Reading doesn't even fit in unless it's a textbook.  My former college was a trade school so all my credits can't transfer into this college.  This means I have to take all this ridiculous general ed before I can get into the program I want to get in.  I have to pass these (of course) in order to get into this program and I'm not going to be any less than perfect.  I'm not paying for college to be a B student.

Anyways, back to the writing subject, which I'm sure is why you're reading this.  I have a ton of stuff that is already written that needs homes.  Submitting them is also a lot of effort but I'm going to try to do a little here and there.  

Darkest Days and Haunted Ways has 12 poems left that need to be edited.  After that, I need to write an intro or afterward and then I can send it to a potential publisher.  I'm going to try to get this done during my summer break.

Diary of a Vampyress is at 65 poems.  My goal is still to hit 80 or so poems.  So that's still slow going.

Also, I'm still engaged.  Engagement usually means there's like a wedding/marriage thing happening in the nearish future.  That's another thing that fills up my brain space.  My brain consists of school/work/wedding and writing and reading just aren't quite fitting in there.

So these are all very good things but they're all very chaotic things.  My mind is a whir.  So there's the update on me, in case people are curious/interested/nosey. 



Sunday, March 21, 2021

Spectral Realms No. 14 by Hippocampus Press

I'm finally getting around to posting this.  I received my contributor's copy of Spectral Realms No. 14 by Hippocampus Press.  My poem, Twisted Grin, appears in this issue.  Twisted Grin will appear in my next mini poetry collection, Darkest Days and Haunted Ways.



What If Atlantis . . . ? / Geoffrey Reiter

Painting the Pandemic / Ian Futter

Safe / Christina Sng

In the Black Hours / Ann K. Schwader

The Woses / Frank Coffman

The Man with One Head / Lori R. Lopez

H.P.L.: R.I.P. / Manuel Arenas

The Appeals of Arianwen, Recruiter of Monsters / Carl E. Reed

Under a Sun Long-Estranged / Scott J. Couturier

The Wicker King’s Palace / Maxwell I. Gold

The Runic Sword / Fred Phillips and Leigh Blackmore

Caged Animals / Steven Withrow

Odysseus May Have Been a Scoundrel / Darrell Schweitzer

The Widow / Ngo Binh Anh Khoa

Man of Gold / DJ Tyrer

The Plague Maiden’s Footprints / Claire Smith

A Miscreation of Life / Clay F. Johnson

Two Haiku / Harris Coverley

In Vino Veritas / David C. Kopaska-Merkel

The Chants of Moros / Wade German

Those Who Rise from Orange Slime / K. A. Opperman

Dionysus in San Rafael / Thomas Goff

Sisters / Chelsea Arrington

An Ill Wind / David Barker

Shadow and Fire / David Schembri

Jack Bloodybones / Adam Bolivar

The Arms of Death / G. O. Clark

Nightmares of Ink, Dreams in Blood / Maxwell I. Gold

The Dominion of the Wicked / Jordan Zuniga

Biting Sarcasm / Lori R. Lopez

Lawrence Talbot / Frank Coffman

Twisted Grin / Ashley Dioses

The Vision / Ngo Binh Anh Khoa

To Hypnos, Refuter of my Ego / Manuel Pérez-Campos

Mycophilia / DJ Tyrer

Ave, Hell’s Angel! / Carl E. Reed

A Means of Summoning / Steven Withrow

Mother of All Things / Christina Sng

Igerna, Alone in Waning Moonlight / Geoffrey Reiter

Lord of Dreaming / Scott J. Couturier

Transubstantiator of the Finite / Manuel Pérez-Campos

Greetings from Krampus / Manuel Arenas

Cetus / Wade German

Shadowlands / Leigh Blackmore

A Ghostly Shade of Oil / Oliver Smith

His Dark Light Shines / Allan Rozinski

The Empty House / Josh Maybrook

Bridal Bower / David Barker

Arch Wizardry, the Glorious Opulence of St Toad / Charles Lovecraft

The Burning Man / Steven Withrow

Dancing Before Azathoth / Darrell Schweitzer

The Unknown / Lori R. Lopez

Runestone / Ann K. Schwader

Galactic Cellars, Unhinged / Maxwell I. Gold

Amongst the Flowers / Scott J. Couturier

The Dearg-Due: An Irish Legend of Horror / Frank Coffman

Fairies from the Twilight Forest / Christina Sng

Lycanthropic Howl / Carl E. Reed

Eternal Night / Geoffrey Reiter

Spleen (III) / DJ Tyrer

The Dark Descent / Ngo Binh Anh Khoa

Memories of Another Country / Manuel Pérez-Campos


Classic Reprints

The Fairy Rings / John Clare

The Dark Château / Walter de la Mare



Three Poets, Three Visions / S. T. Joshi

Bring Out Your Dead and Other Speculations / Donald Sidney-Fryer