Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Infernal Ink Magazine: Devilishly Erotic Horror (Spring/Summer 2020)

My poem reprint, Bathory in Red, appears in the latest issue of Infernal Ink Magazine: Devilishly Erotic Horror (Spring/Summer 2020).

Table of Contents

“Notes from the Editor”
with Hydra M. Star

“The Herbitch”
a poem by Abdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad

“The Heart of Russia”
a story by Davide Nixon

“Kiss Me, Again, Again, and Again”
a poem by David Estringel

“Sharing with the Wife”
a story by Eric Neher

“The Thick of Night”
a poem by Lee Clark Zumpe

“The Van”
a story by Magister Phineas

a poem by Viktor Wolfe

“The Kobioshi Research Institute”
a story by John Kojak

“Bathory in Red”
a poem by Ashley Dioses

a story by Bryan Miller

“Lighting the Flame”
a story by J.B. Toner

“Untitled #50”
a poem by Oliver Baer

“Beyond Words”
a story by T.C. Mill

“Trailing Cries of Passion”
a poem by Lee Clark Zumpe

“Red Riding Wolf”
a story by Ronin Howlett

“Little Deaths”
a poem by David Estringel

“The Author Bordello”
with Logospilgrim

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

L. A. Vintage Paperback Festival

Last weekend I, unfortunately, came down with a cold (yes, just a cold!) and still have it, so our attendance at the festival was much shorter than we would've liked.  We signed at 11 am with Scott Woodard and Pete Atkins, among others.  Kyle and I are scheduled to sign again next year as well, in case you didn't catch us this time.

It was not the same without Dennis Etchison there.  I met him for the first time at this festival a few years ago.  We were together in Weird Fiction Review #5 by Centipede Press and I had him sign it.  I told him that I was also in this and he mentioned an after-party and said that I was 'entitled' to go.  That just made me die.  I would only see him at cons or other gatherings infrequently but it was always a joy to hang out with him and listen to his stories and writing wisdom.  I miss him terribly.

I had Tim Kirk sign his Averoigne map in my contributor's copy of The Averoigne Legacy: Tribute Tales in the World of Clark Ashton Smith edited by Edward Stasheff.

(Tim Kirk)

(Peter Beagle [in silver])

I spotted a few books I'm in being sold at a table run by Carl Aschmann, which was awesome.

Here are the goodies I scored.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Spectral Realms No. 12 by Hippocampus Press

I'm always so excited to get my copy of Spectral Realms and the latest is the 12th issue, which features my sonnet V. Haematophagy.  Haematophagy is the 5th sonnet in my vampire sonnet cycle titled The Countess.  The first four sonnets can be found in Diary of a Sorceress.  The entire sonnet cycle will be in Diary of a Vampyress. 



Acrostic Sonnet for Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire / David Barker

Gray / M. F. Webb

Pilgrim in the Mist / Wade German

Proem to the Fortress Unvanquishable / Thomas Tyrrell

Ode to the Great God Pan / Carl E. Reed

Ghebulax / Maxwell I. Gold

The Crimson Knight / Scott J. Couturier

Haematophagy / Ashley Dioses

Not All of Them Are Ghosts / Darrell Schweitzer

Poe, on the Morning After / Don Webb

Homage to Creepy / Manuel Pérez-Campos

Xipe Totec / Deborah L. Davitt

Necronomicon / Josh Maybrook

Wretched Raft / Kieran Dacey Boylan

Satanic Sonata / Manuel Arenas

Time’s Vulture / Leigh Blackmore

Urban Renewal / Mike Allen

Graveside Ghost / Mary Krawczak Wilson

No One Is Safe / Benjamin Blake

Minoan Messages / Frank Coffman

Madhouse Getaway / Manuel Pérez-Campos

Planet Fetish / Chad Hensley

Jack in Xanadu / Adam Bolivar

Genesis / Holly Day

I Want to Taste October / Ross Balcom

A Tasty Treat / Adele Gardner

Beyond the Fields / Andrew J. Wilson

The Tears of Cerberus / Wade German

A Witch in the House / Oliver Smith

The Psychopomp / Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer

The Plague Queen’s Song / Nicole Cushing

I’ll Return in Late October / K. A. Opperman

The Philosophy & Aesthetics of Horror / Carl E. Reed

Black Wings Return / Michael D. Miller

Slow the Night Grows Darker / David Sammons

The Wild Hunt / Chelsea Arrington

Lines Written in a Providence Churchyard / David Barker

The God of the Winds / Christina Sng

Singularity / Curtis M. Lawson

Dream Hackers / Maxwell I. Gold

The Bedlam Philharmonic / Steven Withrow

The House (A Conduit) / Mack W. Mani

The Pack / Scott J. Couturier

Kiss of Life / Manuel Arenas

The Last Golem / Allan Rozinski

A Summoning of Demons / Michelle Jeffrey

Astral Parasites / Manuel Pérez-Campos

The Silent Silver Sea / Leigh Blackmore

Homer Before the Trojan Court / Darrell Schweitzer

The Witch’s Cat / Deborah L. Davitt

In Arcadia / Josh Maybrook

My Loveliest Manticore; or, The Queen of the Lamiae / Wade German

The Conjuring / Frank Coffman

Wildfires / Christina Sng

Now and Forever / Kieran Dacey Boylan

Stela of Selos / Scott J. Couturier

Southern Gothic; or, Hillbilly Horror / Carl E. Reed

The Egyptian Splendor / Ross Balcom

Carrion Dreams / Maxwell I. Gold

Classic Reprints  

In a Breton Cemetery / Ernest Dowson

The Vampire / Arthur Symons


A Golgotha of Horror / S. T. Joshi

Dark Oracles Indeed / Donald Sidney-Fryer

Sunday, March 1, 2020


I've been depressed ever since my father died over a year ago.  Writing was always something I've turned to, it is my life, but my life is out of whack.  So writing, as an extension of myself, is also out of whack.  I haven't written much at all in 2019 and so far this year, I've written 1 poem.

The Withering was slotted to come out in September 2019 and it didn't.  It's scheduled to come out April 30th and I hope that it does.  The publisher is going through his own Hell and I empathize with him.  I really do.

The Withering is finished and I hoped with its publication I could relax a bit but it hasn't and I can't.  I know others have waited longer and still wait for their 2nd book to come out years later but it bothers me.  The rule is to send something out and then forget it as you work on something else.  And that's a fine rule and it worked for me until now.

I can't write like I used to anymore.  Diary of a Vampyress is close to completion in that it needs (yes, needs) about 30 more poems.  30 poems weren't as daunting then as it is now.  My sweet, patient, genius Kyle has been the biggest help to me in editing my poems to perfection.  He is the meter and form genius and I am not.  He helps me smooth my rough corners and helps polish them up before I send them out into the world.  He is also struggling to write and has taken up art, which I'm extremely proud of him for pursuing what he always wanted to do.  And that means he doesn't have the time or even the mental headspace to edit my poems.  And that's fine.  He shouldn't have to do that forever.  All things come to an end.

The Withering is done but not out.  Diary of a Vampyress is close to completion but it's not complete.  The poems I've not written need to be.  And poems written will not be edited.  Why does it matter anymore?  Has my flame gone out already?

Now let's go back in time.

In the year 1999 or so, I created a character in a short story in 4th grade.  With this character bloomed a story and a (few) plots and a (few) settings.  This character and story and plot and setting bloomed into 2 and a half epic fantasy novels.  These are the novels I was working on before Kyle came along and brought me back to poetry in 2010.

I've dusted them off with serious intent on rewriting them.  Maybe this is the break I need from poetry right now.

I still have plenty of edited, finished poems that I'll be sending out into the world to hopefully find a home.  I will always update this with when and where to find them.  Those may be the best place to find new Ashley poetry for the time being.           

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Circe's Cauldron: Pagan Poems and Tales of Magic and Witchcraft

I just received my copy of Circe's Cauldron: Pagan Poems and Tales of Magic and Witchcraft by  Bibliotheca Alexandrina. My poem reprint Nitokris appears in this anthology.

Table of Contents

L’Envoûteuse (The Sorceress) by Georges Merle
From the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief by Rebecca Buchanan
The Alchemist’s Side of the Story by Marie C. Lecrivain
Allegory by James B. Nicola
Aradia by Hayley Arrington
Brigid by Lee Clark Zumpe
Ceridwen by Rebecca Buchanan
Circe, Starweaving by Clarabelle Fields
Daoine Sidhe by Lee Clark Zumpe
Fleurs du Mal by Ed Ahern
Full Moon Over the Crossroads by Gerri Leen
The Girl in the Moonlight by Gerri Leen
Goddess of Pohjola by Tahni J. Nikitins
Greatest (x3) by Rebecca Buchanan
Hecate by Lee Clark Zumpe
Hecate (Detail from Jupiter and Semele) by Gustave Moreau
Hecate’s Domain by Gerri Leen
Hekate Song by Todd Jackson
Hodh by Shirl Sazynski
Hymn to Freyja VI by Rebecca Buchanan
Hymn to Hekate II by Rebecca Buchanan
Enki by Samuel David
I, Adapa by Samuel David
Inside the Circle by Nick Thompson
Invocation to Medea by Hayley Arrington
Magic of the Magician by Chelsea Luellon Bolton
Myrddin by Lee Clark Zumpe
Nimüe by Hayley Arrington
Nitokris by Ashley Dioses
Pyramids of Giza by David Roberts
Orphic Archeology by Mark J. Mitchell
Priestess by James B. Nicola
The Resting Place by Gerri Leen
Triple-Bodied Hecate by John Cosway
Selene by Gerri Leen
The Sleeping Forest by Rebecca Buchanan
The Spell of the Sorceress Grimhild by Sarah Yasin
Strega by Nancy Byrne Iannucci
Diana by Simon Vouet
Taliesin by Hayley Arrington
Villanelle: Odysseus’ Afterwords by Todd Jackson
Witching Hour in the Suburbs: A Devotional Poem to Hekate by Clarabelle Fields
Young Circe Discovering Witchcraft by Clarabelle Fields
Appendix A: Select Deities and Other Figures
Appendix B: Our Contributors
Appendix C: About Bibliotheca Alexandrina —

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Women in Horror Month- Interview with Colleen Anderson

Dark poet Colleen Anderson interviewed me on her blog for Women in Horror Month, where she focuses on the poets of the genre.  Here's a snippet:

(From Colleen Anderson's blog)

CA- When did you discover poetry and who/what influenced you?

AD- I discovered poetry when I was very young.  My dad used to write children’s poetry and read it to me and my brother when we were young.  He would come to my elementary school and read to our classrooms and include poems in the school newsletter.  My dad also happened to be a huge horror and fantasy fan, and eventually, when I grew older, he introduced me to Poe’s fiction and poetry   

Saturday, February 8, 2020

California Antiquarian Book Fair

Kyle and I went to the 53rd annual California International Antiquarian Book Fair in Pasadena yesterday, not only to check out books but to visit with the awesome Obadiah Baird, editor of The Audient Void and owner of The Book Bin in Portland, OR.  He drove all the way down here to vend at this event and since we missed him last year, we decided to visit.  I also scored The Black Book of Clark Ashton Smith. 

I also met a Lovecraft book collector named Tim.  We had a short but lovely conversation about Lovecraft and Smith and a few acquaintances we share.  It also turns out that he has my book and will be coming to the L. A. Vintage Paperback Festival next month to get it signed.