Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Weirdbook Magazine Issue 43 by Wildside Press

Weirdbook Magazine Issue 43 has finally arrived, looking beautiful as ever.  It contains my poem, What is the Season?  What is the Season? will appear in a future poetry collection.

Table of Contents

An American Story, by Darrell Schweitzer
Impervious to Reason, Oblivious to Fate, by John R. Fultz
The River, by Sharon Cullars
Taking Out the Trash, by D.C. Lozar
Arthur Wardrobe And Asia Anastacia: A Love Story, by Andrew Darlington
Snack Time, by Franklyn Searight
Godlike, by By Edward Morris and Konstantine Paradias
Ronkonkoma, by Glynn Owen Barrass
The Fury of Angels, by Adrian Cole
Keisha’s Dinosaur, by Nicole Givens Kurtz
Will Home Remember Me?, by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
You’re Gonna Love This Song, by Michael S. Walker
Frozen Time, by Rivka Jacobs
Lucien Greyshire and the Ghost from Applebee’s, by L.F. Falconer

Danse Macabre by Jeff Barnes 
A Sum Total by Maxwell I. Gold 
Night Hag by Neva Bryan 
What is the Season? by Ashley Dioses 
Empress of Vampires by K.A. Opperman 
Dark Rift by Ann K.Schwader 
King's Pyre by W.D. Clifton
The Dragon's Gold by Ngo Binh Anh Khoa 
The Pumpkin Boy on Samhain by Chad Hensley 
Gol-Goroth Fane by Frederick J. Mayer 
Doom of the Season by Gregg Chamberlain

Saturday, September 26, 2020

ParABnormal Magazine September 2020

I just received my contributor's copy of ParAbnormal Magazine by Hireath Publishing.  It contains my poem, Dethroned Spirit, which is inspired by The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  It will appear in Diary of a Vampyress.

Table of Contents

Nobody Rides for Free by Amanda Hard
Pleased to Meet Me by Matt McGee
A Fresh Start by Justin Boote
The Unwary by DJ Tyrer
Disquiet by J. L. Royce

The Cycle by Juleigh Howard-Hobson
Dethroned Spirit by Ashley Dioses
Crossing Over by Bhupin Butaney

Thought Transference by Hudson Tuttle
Scientific Truths Contained in Fairy Stories by Hereward Carrington, PhD
Uncanny Guidance in Modern Horror and Dark Fantasy Fiction by Daniel R. Robichaud

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Forthcoming Autumn 2020: The Withering

"...poetry from a night-blooming blossom... throbbing with incantatory power..."

--John Shirley, author of Cellars, Wetbones and A Song Called Youth

Last year held a major disappointment for me when Septemeber came and went without The Withering being released when it was scheduled to.  Now, a year later, I am excited to announce that my second poetry collection, The Withering, has found a new home with Jackanapes Press!  Jackanapes Press is a new press run by Dan Sauer, who is well known for his amazing artistic talent.  The Withering is forthcoming this autumn.

Here's a recap about The Withering.  It originally consisted of the 50 best poems from my preteen and teenage years.  I've added 5 more.  It features cover and interior art by Mutartis Boswell and an introduction by John Shirley.  I've added a notes page with fun facts about certain poems and a list of the poems written chronologically.  The four sections are broken down to Nature-Based Horror, Supernatural Horror, Psychological Horror, and Body Horror.  

(Cover Art by Mutartis Boswell)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Siren of Shadows by John Shirley

I. A Luminous Darkness
A Luminous Darkness
Light Fades in Her Dark Embrace
Plague’s Wake
Life Decayed
Unveiled Star 

II. Pale Radiance 
A Lust for Blood
Quest for the Flesh
Into the Dark I Came
Dead Kings Rise
Karmic Repercussion
Like a Fixed Star
Djinn Deceiver
Hollow King
The Sorceress’s Lament
The Prideful Scribe
Crimson Swirls
All Hallows' Awakening
Pale Radiance
Paper Doll Displays
A Soul of Filth
An Angel's Fall from Grace
Tears of Eternity
Behind Dead Eyes Part 1
Behind Dead Eyes Part 2
I Am the Most Beautiful Angel
The Entrance

III. Night Cries 
Twisted Saying
Night Cries
Dreams Forever Will Remain
The Sight
The Darker Side of Me
Believe Me
The Picture
The Porcelain Garden
A Haunting Sensation Part 1
A Haunting Sensation Part 2
The Creator
The Monster
The Guillotine
Splinters in My Skin
Death Upon Me

IV. A is for Axe Murderer  
A is for Axe Murderer
The Surgical Suite
Body Parts
The Body Shop
Strung By a Noose

Chronological Order


Midnight Under the Big Top: Madness, Murder, and Magic by Cemetery Dance Publications

I just received probably one of coolest books I have ever been in and that's Midnight Under the Big Top: Madness, Murder, and Magic by Cemetery Dance Publications.  Unfortunately, this edition is already sold out but I heard there will be another print run of this anthology at some point.  Cemetery Dance was a household name for me growing up as my dad had purchased the lifetime magazine subscription when it first came out.  He died a month before I could tell him I was invited to write for them in this anthology.  I wish I could show it to him.  It features my poem, Beneath the Fullest Moon.  I actually submitted a second poem that was accepted but for some reason, does not appear in it.  I have no idea why.  Check out this killer line-up!

Table of Contents:

"The Night of the Tiger" by Stephen King
"Twittering from the Circus of the Dead" by Joe Hill
"The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch" by Neil Gaiman
"The Girl in the Carnival Gown" by Kelley Armstrong
"Herd Immunity" by Tananarive Due
"Pickled Punks and the Summer of Love" by Lisa Morton
"Courting the Queen of Sheba" by Amanda C. Davis
"The Circus Reborn" by Nayad Monroe
"The Black Ferris" by Ray Bradbury

Norman Prentiss
G.O. Clark
Marge Simon
Bruce Boston
Robert Payne Cabeen
David E. Cowen 
Alessandro Manzetti
Christina Sng
Stephanie M. Wytovich
K.A. Opperman
Ashley Dioses
Terri Adamczyk

"The Great White Way" by Robert McCammon
"Buried Talents" by Richard Matheson
"The Carnival" by Richard Chizmar
"Mr. Bones' Wild Ride" by Billy Chizmar
"Fair Treats" by Jeff Strand
"Smoke & Mirrors" by Amanda Downum
"Circus Maximus" by Robert Brouhard
"Laughable" by Dominick Cancilla
"Count Zardov's Circus and Museum of Terrifying Grotesques" by Heather Graham

Dandy, a short novel by Josh Malerman

Spectral Realms No. 13 by Hippocampus Press

I just received my contributor copy of Spectral Realms No. 13 by Hippocampus Press.  It has a striking cover art created by the talented Dan Sauer.  My poem, Lord Death, appears in this issue.  Lord Death pairs well with my poem, Lady Death, which can be found in my first collection, Diary of a Sorceress.  Lord Death will appear in my third collection, Diary of a Vampyress. 



King Pest / Richard L. Tierney

The Protector / Ian Futter

After Verdun: A Psychomantic Vision / Manuel Pérez-Campos

Märchen (Fairy Tales) / Carl E. Reed

Nevermore / Adele Gardner

The Sleeper / Josh Maybrook

City of Skulls / Maxwell I. Gold

Among the Petroglyphs / Ann K. Schwader

The Catacombs / Tatiana Strange

Illusion of Light / Ronald Terry

The Hidebehind: A Legend of the North Country / Frank Coffman

Dream Snatchers / Ngo Binh Anh Khoa

My Bantam Black Fay / Manuel Arenas

Doubled Word / Rahul Gupta

De Quincey Mutations: Our Ladies of Sorrow / Wade German

Ithaca, Finally / Darrell Schweitzer

All That I Have Lost / Christina Sng

Astray / F. J. Bergmann

Imperishable / David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Wraith of the Versifier / David Barker

The Tongueless Dead / Leigh Blackmore

Sanctuary / Mary Krawczak Wilson

O Iranon / Charles Lovecraft

Sweet Discordia Lee / Oliver Smith

The Harvester / K. A. Opperman

The Song of Calamity Joe / Andrey Pissantchev

Jenkin / Ross Balcom

Amongst the Sargasso / Scott J. Couturier

Notre Dame Is Burning! / Lori R. Lopez

The Sweet Dreams of the Dead / James O’Melia

The Witch-Gallows / Josh Maybrook

Lord Death / Ashley Dioses

Our Lady of the Acherontia / Allan Rozinski

Legion / Benjamin Blake

Where the New Gods Dwell / Maxwell I. Gold

Imaginary Friend / Ngo Binh Anh Khoa

Lines on Austin Osman Spare’s “Arbor Vitae” / Manuel Pérez-Campos

In the Forest, Where Wild Things Live / Claire Smith

Melinoë / Wade German

Hell-Flower / Manuel Arenas

Haunted / Ronald Terry

He Who Waits / Frank Coffman

Splenetic IV: After Baudelaire / Rahul Gupta

The Graves / Steven Withrow

A Conspiracy Penetrated / Carl E. Reed

Frozen Voices / Leigh Blackmore

Calling All Witches / Adele Gardner

To the Wolves / Scott J. Couturier

Red Land, Black Pharaoh / Ann K. Schwader

Ouroboros / Frank Coffman

The Draining Chair / Thomas Tyrrell

Retrieval / F. J. Bergmann

The Rider of the Pegasi / C. d. G. Nightingale

Testament of Doom: A Paean to Clark Ashton Smith / Manuel Pérez-Campos

The Passive Vampire / Wade German

The Pores of Earth / Charles Lovecraft

Moribond / Manuel Arenas

The Variant / Maxwell I. Gold

To Gaelle Lacroix, Lone Survivor of the Trufort Massacre / Steven Withrow

Dr. Ripper, I Presume? / Carl E. Reed

Red Tresses / Scott C. Couturier


Classic Reprints

Strife / R. H. Barlow

It Will Be Thus / Arthur Goodenough



The Sun Sings Loud and Clear / Donald Sidney-Fryer

Terror and Poignancy / S. T. Joshi

A Queen of Dark Poetry / Sunni K Brock


Monday, August 31, 2020

Space and Time Magazine Issue 137

 I recently received my contributor's copy of Space and Time Magazine issue 137 and it looks rad.  My poem, A Daemon Beckons, appears in this issue.  A Daemon Beckons will appear in Diary of a Vampyress.

Artifacts: A Joe Ledger Story by Jonathan Maberry
A Night Out by David Hammond
After Altera by Andrew Reichard
Joy of Life by Alessandro Manzetti
All I Wanted to do was Dance by S.R.Vcardi
Dogs of Mars by Tim Lees
Evolved by Marianna Shek
Forgetting Faces by TJ Berg
A Girl Like Us by Derwin Mak
Stay In Your Homes by Elad Haber
The Hole That Swallowed the World by Kurt Newton
Slash by Ken Hueler

Mother, Mad by Jezzy Wolfe
Legacies by Anton Cancre
A Daemon Beckons by Ashley Dioses
Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins by Geoffrey A. Landis
The Achilles Heel by Francis W. Alexander
A Twisted Root by Jennifer Crow
When by Felicia Martinez
Pencil-Drawn Boundaries by Hibah Shabkhez
Electronic Djinn by Deborah L. Davitt
Depth Sounding by Tiffany Morris
Divinity in the Afterglow by Colleen Anderson
After the Summer by Russell Hemmell
Lessons from Poe by Lee Murray
Backward(s) by Nancy Cervenka
Orientation at the Time Travel Hospital by Sara Backer
Flight of the Ka by Ronald J. Murray
Dead Cold Night by Kim Whysall-Hammond
Corpse of the Quarter Winner: What We Do for Love

Speculating: 11372.4 by Angela Yuriko Smith
Word Ninja by Linda D. Addison
Take Two at the Movies: The Ironic Resonance of “The War of the Worlds” by Daniel M. Kimmel
Potter Magic: Guiding Libraries in Pandemic Times by Angela Yuriko Smith
Graggon Speak: “Survivor Song” by Paul Tremblay by Austin Gragg
A Message of Hope by John Palisano

Cover by Frank Wu
Room With a View by Mark Levine
Sy Klopz by L. Allen Gillick
Artifact illustration by Martin Hanford
Slash illustration by Doug Draper
Stay in Your Homes illustration by Brad W. Foster
Joy of Life illustration by Stefano Cardoselli
A Night Out illustration by Shikhar Dixit
Dogs of Mars illustration by Alan Beck
Forgetting Faces illustration by Mark Levine
Evolved illustration by Alfred Klosterman
All I Wanted to do was Dance illustration by Simon Walpole
The Hole That Swallowed the World illustration by Al Sirois
After Altera illustration by Anthony R. Rhodes
A Girl Like Us illustration by Tom Nackid

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Another Publisher Falls

It is with great sadness that I see Gehenna and Hinnom Books close their doors.  It showed great promise and churned out 2 beautifully published books and a few magazine issues, one of which I had the privilege of being a part of.  C. P. Dunphey was great to work with.  But it just takes one life crisis to throw everything out of whack and even worse when more just pile on until you are drowning.  Gehenna and Hinnom should be the last thing on his mind and I believe he made a good decision in closing it at this time.  Family and health should, of course, come first.  I wish him and his family the absolute best and hope to see Gehenna and Hinnom Books open its doors once more in the future.  Here is his closing announcement.

With that being said, The Withering was released of its contract and will not be published with Gehenna and Hinnom Books.  To be honest, with the lack of communication from the publisher for so long, I was afraid this would happen and sent off The Withering to another publisher months ago.  I still await their judgment.