Thursday, November 27, 2014

Official Table of Contents for Barbarian Crowns

Here is the official Table of Contents for Barbarian Crowns:

                                               Photo: Justyna Plichta-Jendzio's promotional poster for Barbarian Crowns,  more specifically her story "Gods' Will." Done by the talented and amazing Aleksander Karcz.

The Oath of an Umbrian
By Teel James Glenn

The Mask of the God Hunter
By Howie Bentley

Hero, for a New Dark Age
By Richard L. Tierney

Encounter at the Blind Pig
By Steve Perry

The Gnawing of Gol-goroth
By Frederick J. Mayer

Blood in the Streets of Tasmin
By Mark Slade

What the Waves may Bring
By Juan J. Gutierrez

Of Drums and Thunder
By Travis J. Gates

By Russ Parkhurst

The Cult of Ævänah
By Matthew Knight

Vault of Bones
By Scott Rinehart
By Brian Barnett

The Hunger of Elder Thryxia
By E.s. Wynn

Rossi's Fall
By E. Romi Frost

Kormand the Dragonslayer
By Karlton B. Douglas

The Standing Stones
By Karlton B. Douglas

The Last Escape
By Teel James Glenn

The Floating Island Of Tauret Mok
By Kevin Henry

By Joas Dale Miller

The Treasure of Trakos
By Teel James Glenn

Hail, Nordhalla
By Joas Dale Miller

One Night in the City-State of Shal-Hah-Vi
By Mark Finn

The City of Two Brothers
By Antonis Katsaros

Scion of the Black Tower
By Paul Batteiger

In Frost, Out Fire
By Joas Dale Miller

Engulfed by Flames
By Petros Leptos

The Southland Saga
By Mark Sims

The Lady of the Dagger
By K.A. Opperman

The Crown of Destiny
By Thomas G. Cunningham

The Old Grey Oak
By Joas Dale Miller

Two Princes
By Susan Murrie Macdonald

Atlantean Sword
By Matthias Jansson

The Chamber of Lusts
By Matthew Knight

By Amitabh Vikram

Vixen's Song
By Susan Murrie Macdonald

The Oath
By Kevin Henry

The Devourer
By Leonard Carpenter

Gazraelle in the Shadowgate
By Matthew Knight

By K.A. Opperman

The Last Queen of Lobath
By Ashley Hunt

A Valkyrie's Vendetta
By Ashley Dioses

Lore of the North
By Joas Dale Miller

Chronicles of the Obsidian Crown
By Byron A. Roberts

The Darkness Below
By Brian M. Sammons

Gods' Will
By Justyna Plichta-Jendzio

Photo: Coming soon from Barbwire Butterfly Books.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Lilyana Marie Smith is Born!

My cousin, Erica, just had her first child yesterday.  Lilyana Marie Smith was born at 8:07 pm on Nov. 22.  She weighed 6lbs 10oz.  She has a full head of hair and has gorgeous blue eyes.  I am a happy...cousin?  She is my first cousin once removed.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Book Review- The Black Czarina by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

I really enjoyed this little short story about a slave turned into a sovereign for one day.  Not the brightest idea for the czar to do but love makes you do foolish things. If I was a slave and had a chance to rule and take revenge on those power hungry nobles, I would pretty much do the same as she did.  And of course, had to cut the only thing in my way for continuing to rule; the czar.  Excellent and intriguing little story.


Weird Fiction Review #5 Ships in Mid December

Weird Fiction Review #5 is now up on the Centipede Press site, sporting a gruesome cover.  It will be $35 but seems to be a on sale for $25 at the moment.  Here is the insert from the site;

"The Weird Fiction Review is an annual periodical devoted to the study of weird and supernatural fiction. It is edited by S.T. Joshi. This fifth issue contains fiction, poetry, and reviews from leading writers and promising newcomers. It features original stories and essays by Jason V Brock, Dennis Etchison, John Butler, Sherry Austin, Stefan Dziemianowicz, Darrell Schweitzer; a lengthy interview with Michael Aronovitz and one with Ray Bradbury; an 8-page full-color gallery of art by Travis Louie; regular columns by Danel Olson and John Pelan and much more. The list price on this item is $35."

I have a lovely poem in this gigantic book called Lover's Witch.  It is an enchanting poem about the trials and merits of being in love with a witch from a male mortals point of view.  Its partner poem, Witch's Love, which will be featured in Spectral Realms No. 2, is the opposite.  It shows the trials and merits of being in love with a male mortal from the witch's perspective.  Prepare to be enchanted and don't miss out in getting a copy.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Book Review- Lightning by Dean Koontz

I was really satisfied with this story. The character's were really fleshed out and the character development was fascinating to follow.  I loved the experiences and the different time jumps, showing the different experiences that the main character goes through due to calculated manipulations through her life.  And plus, who doesn't like a story about time jumping Nazi's?  


Barbarian Crowns Art

Here is some art for the Barbarian Crowns anthology by fellow BC poet Joas Miller.  And look!  My name's on this one!   Yay!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Comment on Spectral Realms No. 2

"The second issue of Spectral Realms is at last filling up, but I could still use a few more contributions. This issue already has notable poems by such writers as William F. Nolan, John Shirley, Gemma Files, and Jonathan Thomas, to say nothing of such regulars as K. A. Opperman, Wade German, Darrell Schweitzer, Fred Phillips, Leigh Blackmore, Ann K. Schwader, Chad Hensley, and many others," S.T. Joshi

This is from his blog and it's good to hear so many awesome writer's are contributing to this weird poetry journal.  I am quite pleased to be with such company as this.  I will have 3 poems in this; Ligeia, Vexteria, and Witch's Love.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Book Review- Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

This is the second book I've read by Joe Hill, Horns being the first, and it seems that for the second time, he can't write women.  He is, in my opinion, sexist.  Almost every woman is depicted as evil, a sex object, or psychologically disturbed and are disrespected in many ways.  The story itself was interesting and would have been better if there were better characters.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Barbarian Crowns Anthology (Horrified Press) Update

"BARBARIAN CROWNS UPDATE: The anthology is closed and it is DONE! This is an anthology that I am extremely proud to put forth. Can't wait to see this book in my bloody hands! Dangerous lands lie ahead, and we shall meet them with our steel! CROM IS PLEASED!

I will have the manuscript out by next week! I will keep you all up with updates as they come!"


Shadow Assassins (Poetry) by Brian Barnett
Land of Blood and Ash (Poetry) by Brian Barnett
Trophies (Poetry) by Brian Barnett
Trail of Crushed Skulls (Poetry) by Brian Barnett
The Hunger of Elder Thryxia by E.s. Wynn
Brontide (Poetry) by Joas Miller
The Floating Island of Tauret Mok by Kevin Henry
Hail, Nordhalla (Poetry) by Joas Miller
Encounter at the Blind Pig by Steve Perry
Kormand the Dragonslayer by Karlton B. Douglas
Standing Stones by Karlton B. Douglas
The Gnawing of Gol-goroth (Poetry) by Frederick J. Mayer
The Oath of an Umbrian by Teel James Glenn
One night in the City-State of Shal-Hah-Vi by Mark Finn
Vault of Bones by Scott Rinehart
Of Drums and Thunder by Travis J. Gates
The Last Escape (poetry) by Teel James Glenn
Blood in the Streets of Tasmin by Mark Slade
The Cult of Ævänah by Matthew Knight
Scion of the Black Tower by Paul Batteiger
In Frost, Out Fire (poetry) by Joas Miller
The Crown of Destiny by Thomas Cunningham
Old Grey Oak (poetry) by Joas Miller
The Devourer (poetry) by Leonard Carpenter
Two Princes by Susan Macdonald
Chamber of Lusts by Matthew Knight
O Virginia (poetry) by Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi
Venom (poetry) by Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi
Vixen's Song by Susan Macdonald
Atlantean Sword (poetry) by Mathias Jansson
The Oath by Kevin Henry
The Last Barbarian Queen of Lobath by Ashley Hunt
Memini (poetry) by Russ Parkhurst
Gazraelle in the Shadowgate by Matthew Knight
Lore of the North (poetry) by Joas Miller
Berserker (poetry) by KA Opperman
A Valkyrie's Vendetta (poetry) by Ashley Dioses
Lady of the Dagger by KA Opperman
Rossi's Fall by E. Romi Frost Evangeline Frost
Darkness Below by Brian M. Sammons
The City of the Two Brothers by Antonis JeyKey
Hero, for the New Dark Age (poetry) by Richard Tierney
The Mariner-King (poetry) by Juan J. Gutiérrez
Treasure of Trak by Teel James Glenn
God's Will by Justyna Plichta-Jendzio
Engulfed in Flames by Petros Leptos Solitary Sabred
Chronicles of the Obsidian Crown by Byron Roberts
The Southland Saga by Mark Sims
Call of the Messager by Hyborian Steel (band)
The Mask of the God Hunter by Howie Bentley

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Book Review-- Vincent Price, His Movies, His Plays, His Life by Vincent Price

My dad found this book while we were cleaning the garage and he asked me if I wanted it.  I practically leapt at it as soon as he showed me.  I just read it and I adore it.  It was a really fast and fascinating read, highlighting his love of food, art, and of course his acting.  It was full of wonderful pictures of him as he was young and in many different costumes, which were fun to look at.  We all know him mostly for playing in horror roles but it was really interesting reading how he felt getting into them.  He played a lot of kooky roles and found it interesting and rather strange that horror is what he was known for.  He had a great sense of humor and I could really feel his personality as I read this.  I would have loved to have met him.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Possible Story Submission

Earlier this year, there was a kickstarter for the She Walks in Shadows all female written Lovecraft anthology by Innsmouth Free Press.  They made their money goal and have said that there will be an open call for submissions for short stories between Nov. 15- Dec. 15.  I took the challenge and wrote my first ever Lovecraft themed short story.  I failed on my first attempt, though seemed to get it right on my second attempt.  It just needs to be polished up a bit and then I plan on sending it as soon as possible.  I really hope it gets accepted; it will be amazing to be in it with the likes of Ann K. Schwader and Gemma Files, amongst others.  If that fails, I'm thinking I'd try my luck sending it for the next Black Wings or the Lovecraft Ezine.

Update of WFR #5

"I have now seen the proofs of Weird Fiction Review #5 and can assure readers that it is the best issue ever—an incredible mix of fiction, articles, poetry, and interviews (Dennis Etchison interviewing Ray Bradbury; Jonathan Johnson interviewing Michael Aronovitz; Jason V Brock interviewing Al Feldstein; Wayne Edwards interviewing Stuart David Schiff). The issue comes to nearly 300 pages and should be available in mid- to late November," S.T. Joshi.

I am really excited for this. I can't wait to get my contributor's copy. I have a poem in this titled, Lover's Witch, which is part of a pair. The second of the pair will be in the next Spectral Realms.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


A year ago today my nana, Gloria Dioses, passed away.  And my rabbit, The Dread Pirate Roberts or TDPR (pronounced tid-eh-purr), followed her the next day.  Rest in peace, I love you both.


I spent this Halloween with Kyle and we had tons of fun with Halloween themed activity.  We first carved our pumpkins, a little late but oh well.

(I did a cute little raven on a branch with a crescent moon.)   

(Kyle wanted his pumpkin to look like he was manic.  His sister got me that little white pumpkin.)

Then I made some spiked punch which contained cranberry juice, Moscato, and an assortment of berries (black berries, raspberries, and blueberries).  We chilled it to have some later.

We then went to a couple haunted houses around the neighborhood, ate at Burger King, and then came home and made some amazing soul cakes!  Soul cakes were given to the poor who went door to door and said prayers for the dead.  There many variety of recipes but we kept ours simple with sugar, flour, butter, cinnamon, vanilla, oats, and honey.  It was delicious.   

While the soul cakes were baking, we played this awesome zombie board game with Kyle's sister and boyfriend.  Kyle then stole my devil horns and wore them throughout the game.  But if you ask me, he looks more like a faun than a devil....

We ended the night by curling up on the couch and watching the 2 hour Halloween special of Ghost Adventures.

Pumpkin Patch and the El Dorado Nature Center Night Walk

On Tuesday, Kyle and I first went to an awesome pumpkin patch which had other cool activities like cookie decorating, train rides, hay rides, hay mazes, and other festivities.  We headed to the cookie decorating first.

(My skeleton cookie creation.)

(Kyle did a jack-o-lantern.)

He scouted out the massive pumpkin patch for our perfect pumpkins.

We checked out a little haunted house.

Then we checked out the hay maze and learned we were traveling through it with an equally confused feathered friend.

We went on a hay ride and then enjoyed watching ducks on a beautiful lake.

We left to go to the El Dorado Nature Center to take the night walk and 'trick or treat' through the trail.  There were different themed sections throughout the trail and we got candy at each stop.

The hot chocolate was pretty amazing, especially for $1.