Sunday, November 2, 2014

Possible Story Submission

Earlier this year, there was a kickstarter for the She Walks in Shadows all female written Lovecraft anthology by Innsmouth Free Press.  They made their money goal and have said that there will be an open call for submissions for short stories between Nov. 15- Dec. 15.  I took the challenge and wrote my first ever Lovecraft themed short story.  I failed on my first attempt, though seemed to get it right on my second attempt.  It just needs to be polished up a bit and then I plan on sending it as soon as possible.  I really hope it gets accepted; it will be amazing to be in it with the likes of Ann K. Schwader and Gemma Files, amongst others.  If that fails, I'm thinking I'd try my luck sending it for the next Black Wings or the Lovecraft Ezine.

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