Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weird Fiction Review #5 Ships in Mid December

Weird Fiction Review #5 is now up on the Centipede Press site, sporting a gruesome cover.  It will be $35 but seems to be a on sale for $25 at the moment.  Here is the insert from the site;

"The Weird Fiction Review is an annual periodical devoted to the study of weird and supernatural fiction. It is edited by S.T. Joshi. This fifth issue contains fiction, poetry, and reviews from leading writers and promising newcomers. It features original stories and essays by Jason V Brock, Dennis Etchison, John Butler, Sherry Austin, Stefan Dziemianowicz, Darrell Schweitzer; a lengthy interview with Michael Aronovitz and one with Ray Bradbury; an 8-page full-color gallery of art by Travis Louie; regular columns by Danel Olson and John Pelan and much more. The list price on this item is $35."

I have a lovely poem in this gigantic book called Lover's Witch.  It is an enchanting poem about the trials and merits of being in love with a witch from a male mortals point of view.  Its partner poem, Witch's Love, which will be featured in Spectral Realms No. 2, is the opposite.  It shows the trials and merits of being in love with a male mortal from the witch's perspective.  Prepare to be enchanted and don't miss out in getting a copy.

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