Saturday, February 25, 2017

Trysts of Fate by Alban Lake

My copy of Trysts of Fate by Alban Lake came today.  My poem, Can I Stop Your Heart? appears in this issue.  It first appeared in Dark River Press.



The Night Walk by Dawn Napier
Lightning Child by April Bullard
Angel, Beast, and Man by Spencer Koelle
Plaited Rings by Maureen Bowden
Pluck It Out by Eamonn Murphy
Bottom Feeder by Dale W. Glaser


Apparition by JD DeHart
Love Happens by Keith W. Sikora
Valentine’s Ball by Claire Smith
Ghost Hopes by K. S. Hardy
Death by Brian Rosenberger
Can I Stop Your Heart? by Ashley Dioses
Prophecy by Keith W. Sikora
Haunted by K. S. Hardy


Dark Romance…Comics? By JD DeHart


The Romance of Dawn by Keith W. Sikora

Cover art: Goth Man by Sandy DeLuca

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Spectral Realms No. 6 by Hippocampus Press

(Check out this awesome art!)

My two poems, Night Play and Siren's Song, appear in this latest issue of Spectral Realms.  Night Play is a sonnet about the narrator meeting a Pegasus and Siren's Song is about the folly of listening to the demon's luring song.



 Spider Eggs / John Shirley

 Edgar A. Poe (1809–1849) / W. H. Pugmire

 Finite / Ian Futter

 Oracle / Wade German

 Next / John J. Mundy

 The Fateful Flower / Frank Coffman

 Vul Ravin / D. L. Myers

 Transfiguration / Ronald Terry

 Mistress of the Dark Fortress / K. A. Opperman and Leigh Blackmore

 Un-Hallowed E’en / Richard L. Tierney

 Diluvian Night Out / Jessica Amanda Salmonson

 Chrysalides in the Cromlech / Jeff Burnett

 When the Stars Are Right / Oliver B. Harris

 The Dust That Was You / Mary Krawczak Wilson

 Hunted / Claire Smith

 The Spell / Liam Garriock

 Moonlight in the Playground / Christina Sng

 An Unimaginable Horror / Norbert Gora

 The Fugitives / Manuel Pérez-Campos

 Under the Tuscan Moon / Leigh Blackmore

 Kappa Alpha Tau / Josh Medsker

 Yes, There Are Wonders Beyond Death / Darrell Schweitzer

 rUBBLE ®ubbLe / Jason V Brock

 Desolation / M. F. Webb

 The Cosmic Women / Pat Calhoun

 Descent / Ian Futter

 The God-Builders / Nathaniel Reed

 Sighting / Ross Balcom

 Falling for You / John J. Mundy

 Icons / Ronald Terry

 The Sword / Chad Hensley

Dual Purpose / Kyla Lee Ward

 A Dream from R’lyeh / Charles Lovecraft

 The Witch of the Woods / Frank Coffman

 Fallen / Claire Smith

 The Germ of the Earth / Farah Rose Smith

 The Road to Long-Ago / Ruth Berman

 Spawn of the Wicked Hive / Jeff Burnett

 Night Play / Ashley Dioses

 The Prey / Mary Krawczak Wilson

 A Return / Benjamin Blake

 When the Earth Was Young / Christina Sng

 The House of Gloom / Adam Bolivar

 Elder Beings / Leigh Blackmore

 Reunion / Manuel Pérez-Campos

 The Awen / Michelle Claire White

 Ghosts of  1816 / Clay F. Johnson

 Quetzalcoatl / Kendall Evans

 Relic / Nathaniel Reed

 Admonishments for the Incautious / David Barker

 Yaga / Oliver Smith

 The Demon Corn / D. L. Myers

 Timeless Ghosts / Liam Garriock

 Clearing Sky / Ronald Terry

 The Door / Christina Sng

 Tending the Grave / Ian Futter

 Woodsmoke: A Folk Song That Never Was / John Shirley

 The Wolf’s Last Words / Claire Smith

 Dark Solstice Cold and Deathly / Richard L. Tierney

 The Rainy Season / John J. Mundy

 Siren’s Song / Ashley Dioses

 The Mask of Leprous Light / Jeff Burnett

Of Rippers, Psychos, and Scarves / Randall D. Larson and Charles Lovecraft

 Dark Shuttle / Ruth Berman

 Downstream / Oliver Smith.

 The War of Dragons / Christina Sng

 Temple of the Plumed Serpent / Ann K. Schwader

 Those / David Barker

 Samhain Redivivus / Frank Coffman

 Classic Reprints

 The Old Ghost / Thomas Lovell Beddoes

 Red Ghosts in Kentucky / Leah Bodine Drake


 In Pursuit of the Transcendent: The Weird Verse of Walter de la Mare / Leigh Blackmore


A Dreamer’s Rimes / J.-M. Rajala  (H. P. LOVECRAFT. Fungi from Yuggoth: An Annotated Edition.)

Ghostly Verses / Michael J. Abolafia  (SHANNON CONNOR WINWARD, ed. Eye to the Telescope. Issue No. 22: “Ghosts.”)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Poetry Acceptances

My poem, The Reaper's Garden, has been accepted for Spectral Realms No. 7 by Hippocampus Press and my poem, To Court the Dragon and the Snake, has been accepted for Weird Fiction Review No. 8 by Centipede Press.  To Court the Dragon and the Snake (which is a Dracula and Satan reference, respectfully), is based on an episode of Penny Dreadful called "A Blade of Grass" which made the Stoker preliminary ballot this year.

Image result for penny dreadful a blade of grass

Image result for penny dreadful a blade of grass