Saturday, February 25, 2017

Trysts of Fate by Alban Lake

My copy of Trysts of Fate by Alban Lake came today.  My poem, Can I Stop Your Heart? appears in this issue.  It first appeared in Dark River Press.



The Night Walk by Dawn Napier
Lightning Child by April Bullard
Angel, Beast, and Man by Spencer Koelle
Plaited Rings by Maureen Bowden
Pluck It Out by Eamonn Murphy
Bottom Feeder by Dale W. Glaser


Apparition by JD DeHart
Love Happens by Keith W. Sikora
Valentine’s Ball by Claire Smith
Ghost Hopes by K. S. Hardy
Death by Brian Rosenberger
Can I Stop Your Heart? by Ashley Dioses
Prophecy by Keith W. Sikora
Haunted by K. S. Hardy


Dark Romance…Comics? By JD DeHart


The Romance of Dawn by Keith W. Sikora

Cover art: Goth Man by Sandy DeLuca

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