Friday, July 22, 2016

Another Release!

My copy of Outposts of Beyond by Alban Lake came to me the other day and I really like this cover.  What really makes my heart flutter is that my poem reprint, Kiss the Stars, is not only featured on the cover but is on the very first page!  That is way cool.  I am really enjoying this publication.  They pay for reprints!  And they also have a bunch of themed anthos that come out a few times throughout the year.  I was in their latest Bloodbond issue too.

'Outposts of Beyond publishes original science fiction and fantasy short stories, poems, art, articles, reviews, and interviews. Preferred are adventure stories, space opera, and magic opera [like space opera, but fantasy]. Also preferred are stories that take place on other worlds. Stories must have the following: characters the reader cares about, plots and subplots, and settings that draw the reader into them. Must have.'

(Oh yeah, making bank!) 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Recently Acquired Releases

I recently got my copies of Within Strangers Aeons by J. Ellington Ashton Press, which features my reprint poem Vexteria, and Folk Horror Revival: Corpse Roads, which contains my reprints of Horror, the Abandoned Graveyard, and Morning's Moon.  100% of sales profits from Corpse Roads are charitably donated to The Wildlife Trusts.

"There are dimensions beyond that which is known to man. They are realms as vast as space and older than time itself. In these realms are beings beyond light and shadow, beyond good and evil, and there lie harbingers of the end of the human age. The stars are right. This is the epoch of terror & devastation. It is an age which is...Within Stranger Aeons."

"An epic collection of spellbinding poetry, focusing on folk horror, life, death and the eeriness of the landscape by many creative talents both living and departed. 
Accompanied throughout with atmospheric imagery by an impressive collection of contemporary photographers."

(I get my own chapter!)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Poetry MS Update

There are about 7 poems left that need to be edited.  Once completely edited, I will have 100 poems.  I will be cutting a few out once I see everything in its final form.  I will probably be cutting up to 10 of some of the super old poems that no longer fit how I write currently.  I will be scrutinizing this intently and provide only the best of what I have.

Publication date, according to the latest, will be next year, possibly 2018 (hopefully not!), from Hippocampus Press.

I still want Donald Sidney-Fryer to write my introduction but after he saw the rough draft of my MS (which he asked for btw knowing it was a rough draft) he harshly refused to do it (he asked to write my introduction, I never asked him to do it).  I plan on sending him a hard copy once it is complete anyway and see how he responds.  He said that I have potential but that I'd be better off writing a smaller collection.  Maybe with my cuts and the edits he'll like it.  I expect nothing but hope he'll like it this time.

If not him, I was pondering others who might write my introduction and/or preface.  I was thinking maybe of asking Fred Phillips.

I have been writing poems consistently since 7th grade.  Kyle helped me a lot regarding meter especially, when I met him.  I didn't start honing in my skills until late 2014.  The first publication of Spectral Realms has my first poems written that I consider good.  From those poems onward I felt better and happy about what I have written.

My poetry MS mostly covers my poems written between late 2014 and now.  Poems written before then have been edited to my current level of skill but even so, some have not made and may not make it into the MS.

Not everything in this MS is horror.  It is mostly horror and dark fantasy but I do have just some straight up fantasy poems in here as well.  My sections go from light to dark and hopefully give a feeling of delving darker and darker with every poem read.  Fantasy begins it, followed by nature (not normal nature, it's not boring I promise; think fantastical nature or horrific nature), romance and eroticism, and then finally horror.    

Black Wings VI: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror by PS Publishing Acceptance!

I only own and have read Black Wings II but enjoyed it enough to want to pursue the rest.  I wrote my first (and only) Lovecraftian story and sent it to S. T., yet even though he liked it, it wasn't Black Wings level.  So I was excited to receive an email from him, some time later, requesting an epic poem be written instead, for the temporarily last volume in the Black Wings series.  The poem had to be between 100 and 300 lines.  I used to love writing long poems but now it seems more difficult for me to do.  It took a while and a lot of concentration to make the poem reach the minimum line count and be something I was happy with.

My poem is called On a Dreamland's Moon and it is about a woman on a mad journey through the Dreamlands to find Nyarlathotep, who she is obsessively in love with.  It is 100 lines, written in a aabab rhyme scheme, and is in iambic pentameter.