Thursday, July 14, 2016

Recently Acquired Releases

I recently got my copies of Within Strangers Aeons by J. Ellington Ashton Press, which features my reprint poem Vexteria, and Folk Horror Revival: Corpse Roads, which contains my reprints of Horror, the Abandoned Graveyard, and Morning's Moon.  100% of sales profits from Corpse Roads are charitably donated to The Wildlife Trusts.

"There are dimensions beyond that which is known to man. They are realms as vast as space and older than time itself. In these realms are beings beyond light and shadow, beyond good and evil, and there lie harbingers of the end of the human age. The stars are right. This is the epoch of terror & devastation. It is an age which is...Within Stranger Aeons."

"An epic collection of spellbinding poetry, focusing on folk horror, life, death and the eeriness of the landscape by many creative talents both living and departed. 
Accompanied throughout with atmospheric imagery by an impressive collection of contemporary photographers."

(I get my own chapter!)

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