Friday, December 21, 2018


I have received a couple interesting reviews lately.  The first is a lovely piece by Frank Coffman on Diary of a Sorceress, which can be found in the latest issue of Spectral Realms (#9). 

The second is more of a non-review of my story Amadis the Enchantress, which appears in Test Patterns: Creature Features by Planet X Publications.  I suppose no review is better than a bad review, I guess?  For actual reviews on the rest of the content, go here.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Illumen Autumn 2018 and Spectral Realms No. 9

I have recently acquired my contributor copies of Illumen Autumn 2018 by Alban Lake, which features my poem reprint of The Necro-Conjuring Sorceress, and Spectral Realms No. 9 by Hippocampus Press, which contains my poem The Sorceress's Lament.

(Beautiful art by the amazing Dan Sauer!)

(Get the issue [it's only $10!] to read the full poem.)