Sunday, March 20, 2016

Xnoybis Issue #2 and Spring Equinox 2016 Issue by Eternal Haunted Summer

At long last my contributor's copy of Xnoybis #2 from Dunhams Manor Press arrived which has my poem, Medusa's Mirror in it.  My poem depicts Medusa as more of the tragic figure she is instead of the common monster portrayal.

The awesome editor Jordan Krall also included his book Gorgonaeon because of the long wait and I finished it in one sitting.  It's a series of vignettes that depict paranoid and insane perspectives from different characters and makes a fascinating read.

The Spring Equinox issue of Eternal Haunted Summer came out today and features my poem, Witch Lord of the Hunt.  You can read the issue here.

My 3 poems, Horror, the Abandoned Garden, and Morning's Moon will appear in for Folk Horror Revival: Corpse Roads.  They are all reprints.  100% of all sales profits of the book will be charitably donated to The Wildlife Trusts.  

Friday, March 18, 2016

'Visit the Tarot' Class

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Southern California begins next month and it runs between April 9th through May 22nd on weekends only from 10 am to 7 pm.  I work at the Queen's College which is a group of educational workshops that teach a skill, a craft, a trade, etc.

(This was when I first started the class in 2011.)

"Queen’s College invites Faire visitors to learn historic art and craft found in our Port village. Master artists, artisans, and traders teach their craft in workshops to adults, teens, family groups, and children. Workshop students receive supplies and tools needed to make their own keepsakes, and some will have kits to continue working at home. Fees are low ($3 to $25) with the average $10 since we are under the auspices of a nonprofit educational organization, the NorCal Renaissance Institute for Renewal of Past Arts and the Artist. Drop-In Workshops run for 1-2 hours and allow students to come in during the time to learn, and Scheduled Workshops are listed with a starting time. Some workshops are short (perhaps 15 to 20 minutes), but most will be about 45 minutes. Ask if time is important to you. It is possible to pre-register at the College to guarantee a seat at a later workshop."

The class that I teach is called Visit the Tarot and I teach students a little about the Tarot and how to read them.  I provide a packet to take home which goes over everything that I teach.  I DO NOT sell Tarot decks, but I will tell you how to acquire them.  It is not necessary to bring your own; I provide a few different decks to use and look at.  I also DO NOT read your fortune with them.  There are about three different Tarot readers toward the end of the faire who do great work; if you want your fortune read with Tarot, go see them.  I am not allowed to, so don't ask.

This will be my 3rd year teaching this class.  I started for only an hour in 2011 for I was doing multiple faire jobs and then I was solely a part of the Queen's College last year.

April and May are busy months for me, not including the faire.  I will be attending the L. A. Vintage Paperback Show on April 3rd, the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival® and CthulhuCon™ San Pedro 2016 April 29th-May 1st, and the StokerCon 2016 May 12-15.  Needless to say, I won't be teaching Visit the Tarot those days.

This is the only faire I teach this class at; I do not travel to other faires.  I also do not teach this outside of this workshop.

So please come visit the Renaissance Faire this year and learn how to read the Tarot with me!  Classes last year were $12, I'm assuming they'll be the same price this year, I haven't heard otherwise.

Saturdays & Sundays
April 9 thru May 22, 2016
Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area
15501 E. Arrow Highway • Irwindale, CA
10am - 7pm • Ph: 626.969.4750

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spectral Realms No. 4

I have recently received my issue of Spectral Realms No. 4.  I was quite surprised to see a certain name in the table of contents, for last I heard, he didn't want to get published anywhere near Kyle.  Also I recognize his poem as being a reprint and Spectral Realms doesn't take reprints, except for in the Classic Reprints section.  Well I can't let the sour the rest of the book for me.  I have two poems in this one; With a Love So Vile, which is dedicated to the wonderful D. L. Myers, and Illva, which is based on the character from Clark Ashton Smith's story, the Isle of the Torturers.  I look forward to reading the rest of it.