Pro-Paying Speculative Genre Poetry Markets

Professional payment for a poem, according to the HWA, is a minimum of $5.
*Places where I have personally submitted to (does not necessarily mean accepted).
Abyss & Apex likes to see strong, emotionally resonant, literary-quality poetry with a clear speculative element (fantasy, science fiction, or surrealism in any combination. Although dark poems are encouraged, we DO NOT publish horror. There are no format or length restrictions for poetry, though we prefer lineated free verse or traditional form poetry with at least 9 lines, or prose poems at least 50 words in length, we will publish brilliant shorter work. So wow us with a sestina, or stun us in free verse. We admire poetry that exceeds our expectations in scansion, imagery, emotional impact and creative wordplay. We love language, and we like to see it worked for all it’s worth. Our love of poetry exceeds the space and funds we have to publish it, so we accept only the very best; amaze us! The two reading periods for poetry are: 
May – ALL MONTH, unlike fiction which is only the first week.
November – ALL MONTH, unlike fiction 
Analog will consider material submitted by any writer, and consider it solely on the basis of merit. We are definitely eager to find and develop new, capable writers.  We have no hard-and-fast editorial guidelines, because science fiction is such a broad field that I don't want to inhibit a new writer's thinking by imposing Thou Shalt Nots. Besides, a really good story can make an editor swallow his preconceived taboos.  Basically, we publish science fiction stories. That is, stories in which some aspect of future science or technology is so integral to the plot that, if that aspect were removed, the story would collapse. Try to picture Mary Shelley's Frankenstein without the science and you'll see what I mean. No story!  The science can be physical, sociological, psychological. The technology can be anything from electronic engineering to biogenetic engineering. But the stories must be strong and realistic, with believable people (who needn't be human) doing believable things–no matter how fantastic the background might be.  We pay $1 a line for poetry, which should not exceed 40 lines.
*Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine-
Andromeda Spaceways is intended for a wide audience, so we don’t want anything more than M rated: no gratuitous sex or graphic violence. We want the overall tone of ASIM to be light as opposed to the dark-and-gritty style that characterises so many other SF mags this day and age. This does not mean we only publish light humour pieces, though. Our readers are just as keen on traditional fantasy and hard science fiction. We’re just not the best market for doom-laden go-nowhere stories that push the boundaries of the English language into new and unfortunate places.  Given an otherwise even choice between angst and adventure, we’ll grab the adventure.  Poetry, and Flash Fiction (under 1000 words): $10 per piece.
Apparition Lit-
Apparition Lit is open for poetry and short story submissions four times a year.
February 15-28
May 15-31
August 15-31
November 15-30
Apparition Lit is seeking original, unpublished speculative poetry that meet our quarterly theme. These poems must have obvious fantasy or sci-fi elements that make it clear it this isn’t a literary poem that you stuck an ogre into.  We want poetry that is more than just formatting. Send us all types of poetry, including traditional forms.  Writers can include up to five (5) poems per submission.  There is no minimum length.  Each poem must be no longer than 2-pages in length.  We play a flat fee of $10 per poem. 
Arsenika is a quarterly journal of speculative poetry and flash fiction. Edited by S. Qiouyi Lu, Arsenika looks for gorgeous, emotional writing: poetry that shimmers with multiple layers of meaning, prose that explores and interrogates. From hard science fiction to the lightest of magical realism, Arsenika is not bound by genre, though we do prefer the speculative.  Arsenika is looking for previously unpublished original fiction and poetry up to 1,000 words long. Payment is 1¢ USD per word (including audio rights) with a $5 minimum.  Please do not send simultaneous submissions (pieces that are submitted to Arsenika and another market at the same time). Multiple submissions are accepted, but please have no more than two flash fiction pieces and five poems in the submissions queue at a time.  We try to respond to all submissions within 14 days.
Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine is an established market for science fiction stories.  We pay $1 a line for poetry, which should not exceed 40 lines. We buy First English Language serial rights plus certain non-exclusive rights explained in our contract. We do not publish reprints, and we do not accept “simultaneous submissions” (stories sent at the same time to a publication other than Asimov’s). Asimov’s will consider material submitted by any writer, previously published or not. We’ve bought some of our best stories from people who have never sold a story before.
The Audient Void is a periodical devoted to publishing Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy as well as poetry and select works of non-fiction.  35 cents a line for poetry with a minimum payment of $5.  Send submissions to 
We here at Bete Noire are looking for stories that are well written, character driven and have a dark bent to them.  We are open to most genres as long as they have a dark side.  This includes horror, dark sci-fi, dark fantasy, crime, mystery or dark humor.  However, vampires plus sparkle equals rejection.  Poetry submissions are welcome and can be of any style.  You can submit up to three poems per reading period.  $10 US flat for each accepted work plus free ebook version of the issue in which your work appears. 
Reading Periods: 
February  1 - March 31  (Spring issue)
August 1 - September 30 (Fall Issue)
Publication will be one year after reading period.
We define “pulp fiction” very broadly – it’s lively, challenging, thought-provoking, thrilling, and fun, regardless of how many or how few genre elements are packed in. We don’t subscribe to the theory that genre fiction is disposable; in our opinion, a great deal of literary fiction could easily fall under one of our general categories. Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction, and Romance.  Poetry - up to 3 poems.  Poetry - $5 per poem, regardless of length.
Body Parts Magazine is an online literary magazine of horror, erotica, speculative fiction, essays and art. Each themed issue honors Eros and Thanatos, the Greek gods of libido and mortido—life and death. We celebrate the vast and various expressions of dreams and darkness, our primitive desires and urges, and seek to encounter—and embrace—those shadowy monsters who dwell in the dimly lit corners of human experience.  Body Parts is a paying market.  “We ran some poetry in issue #5 so we're happy to take a look,” (from an email).
Dark Fantasy, Fabulism, Light Fantasy, Magic Realism, Slipstream.  We accept most styles of poetry, although we are somewhat biased toward the lyrical over the narrative. Rhymed verse is not discouraged, but we know how difficult it is to do well.  Send us poems that will have us feel the wood’s presences, material and immaterial, known but to be seen anew, or unknown and to be revealed. We want poems that will slip in under the skin, grasp us by the throat, and change the light in the room.  Payment: $15/poem.
We will accept short fiction and poetry from 50 to 5,000 words. We pay $5 US  via Paypal on publication, regardless of length.  We are not Baen. Call it slipstream, call it science fiction with literary pretensions, call it whatever you like, just put it in your mouth and chew.
Cicada is a bimonthly for young adults. The magazine prints fiction and poetry ranging from realism and historical to science fiction and fantasy, alongside essays written by teens, illustrations and comics.  Pays up to $3 per line and $24 minimum.
Buying 1st N. Am. serial rights unless state otherwise. Payment is $12 on acceptance + 2 contributor's copies. Contributors outside North America can instead receive a 3-issue subscription plus 2 copies.
We’re looking for hymns to Odin and Inanna and Sekhmet. Prayers to Hermes and Brigid and Asherah. Short stories featuring (or otherwise referencing) Lugh and Yinepu and Hekate. Every poetic form, from sonnet to rhyming couplet to free form, is acceptable. There is no set length. Any genre of short story is welcome, from mystery to fantasy to true lifeish to reimaginings of classic myths, provided the Deities and heroes are treated respectfully (no bashing someone else’s Gods, please!).  EHS will pay a flat rate of $5 for an original piece.
Expanded Horizons-
There are no stories which can fit with a general “theme” of our magazine without in some very specific way or ways authentically promoting diversity in the genre and the voices of those from under-represented groups and backgrounds. Your story simply being a “good story” (or, even, a story about “social issues” or about a social outcast) does not mean it fits with our magazine. Please be aware that most of the stories we publish (approximately 90%) are by women authors and/or authors from under-represented backgrounds.
We are looking for stories of about 6,000 words or fewer. There is no hard minimum length. We will not consider novels published in serial. Stories must be completed at the time of submission. We will NOT accept erotica.
We are also looking for essays of about 6,000 words or fewer. As with stories, there is no hard minimum length. Longer essays may be accepted on a case by case basis — please contact us first.
We also publish poetry. We have no hard minimum number of lines, but we are more likely to publish longer works.
We pay US $30 for each story, essay or poem accepted, regardless of its word count.
We accept stories from all over the world (or off-world, if you can manage it!). We only publish in English. Publication will be digital, in standards-compliant XHTML format rather than Adobe PDF for maximum compatibility and accessibility.
We aim to be a venue where people of under-represented backgrounds can tell their stories in their own voices, and where authors not of those backgrounds can help increase the authentic representation of under-represented people through both carefully researched stories, and the creation of characters whom people of those same backgrounds would still, upon reading the story, recognize as “of their own.”
We publish not only stories and poetry, but also essays and reflections on speculative fiction and fandom that challenge the established biases of the field/genre. We created Expanded Horizons so that those whose points of view tend to be under-represented, or represented unrealistically or negatively in most speculative fiction may speak out in their own voice.
Accepted poems will be paid for at the following rate: US 3¢/word rounded to nearest dollar; minimum US $3, maximum $25. Payment is on publication.
The Future Fire-
The Future Fire welcomes submissions of speculative poetry with progressive, inclusive and socially aware disposition. We are particularly interested in feminist, queer, postcolonial and ecological themes, and we actively seek out submissions by under-represented voices, including but not limited to women, people of color, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities and writers from outside the English-speaking world.
We are flexible with regard to format and length, but prefer poems under about 60 lines.
The Future Fire offers payment of $10 per poem, regardless of length (to be paid via Paypal on publication).
Pay: $10 per poem
Length:  any
Style: any
Poems should be queer & speculative, but please interpret that how you will.
Simultaneous and multiple submissions are okay, please limit your submission to 5 poems at a time.  Also, please let me know if you want to record yourself reading your poem.
The Golden Key-
We want fiction and poetry that is both literary and speculative. Realist work sensitive to the magical and strange. The fantastical. Slipstream. Fabulist. Gothic. Weird tales. Work that unlocks. Work that restocks. We love writers who see familiar things in unexpected ways, and writers who revel in playing with language.
Length: We prefer fiction submissions under 3,000 words and poems that are under 100 lines. We especially love flash fiction and prose poems.
Pay: The Golden Key currently pays all contributors a flat fee of $10.
We are looking for original Poetry (all forms, maximum 36 lines each + no more than five poems submitted at any one time).  We pay what Duotrope classify as a "Professional rate" for successful submissions, namely 6 US cents per word for fiction and US$1 per line for poetry. (Minimum payment for fiction: including prose poems & micro fiction: $10. Haiku: $5 each.) Payment usually within three weeks of publication. 
Our interests include but are not limited to the following subjects: Supernatural horror (both fiction and film), Philosophical pessimism, Gnosticism, Buddhism, Nihilism, Surrealism, Decadent and fin de siècle literature, Pessimistic and morbid poetry (Trakl, Thomson, Brennan, Leopardi, Larkin, Wiloch, Barnitz, etc.), Aberrant psychology (depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, anhedonia, depressive realism, etc.), Euthanasia/Right to Die, Horror in the visual arts, Antinatalism, L’école belge de l’étrange, Corporate degradation, The architecture and topography of Detroit and its suburbs, Horror and pessimism as it relates to most any field (geography, psychology, astronomy, music, film, etc.—kind of a catchall category), Any crossovers or hybrids of these categories/writers.  Poetry (no more than 50 lines).  Poetry pays $20 flat. 
Heliotrope Magazine will publish one poem per issue. We will pay $50 for this piece (same genres of interest apply). The poem in most cases will be
commissioned, thus if interested in submitting for future issues please contact for consideration.
As its name suggests, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is a quarterly ezine dedicated to publishing heroic fantasy — in both prose and poetry. We are unrepentant in our goal of elevating unapologetic sword and sorcery to a rightful high place. We pay $100 for stories and $25 for poems, upon publication.
*Hinnom Magazine-
The publication will be quarterly, to be released on an as-of-yet unannounced schedule, and there will be one submission period for the entire year of 2019 unless otherwise noted in the future.
We are looking for stories and poems that fit the themes of Weird Fiction and Cosmic Horror. Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy are all welcomed, as long as they fit in the realms of Weird and Cosmic. All stories and poems must also be speculative in some way. What we mean by this is that we don’t want stories or poems based in realism. While many great horror stories and poems are plausible in modern reality, these are not for Hinnom Magazine. Thus, all horror MUST BE otherworldly or supernatural in some way. Science Fiction MUST BE dark and speculative. Fantasy MUST BE morally ambiguous and grim. Any combination of the above genres is fine. In fact, we encourage it. 
POETRY: Poetry will be paid a flat rate of $50 per poem. No length restrictions.
Kaleidotrope tends very heavily towards the speculative — towards science fiction, fantasy, and horror — but we like an eclectic mix and are therefore interested to read compelling work that blurs these lines, falls outside of neat genre categories. Man does not live on space ships, elves, and ghostly ax murderers alone, after all.  We will consider all forms [of poetry]. Humor is encouraged, if tricky. Rhyming is not actively discouraged — done well, it can be terrific — but be careful about overly simple, sing-song-like structures. Individual haiku, or other very short poems, may be a tougher sell.  For poetry, we offer a flat rate of $5 USD per accepted piece.
Poetry should reflect both literary value and popular appeal and should deal with science fiction- or fantasy-related themes.  $10 for poems.
Liminal Stories-
Liminal is searching for stories of a particular tone and tenor, regardless of form.  We like stories that are strange and unsettling, sharp-edged and evocative.  Although we will consider any genre, we have a soft spot for weird fiction, magical realism, soft science fiction, and those uncategorizable stories that straddle the line between genres.  Liminal stories should linger in the mind and evoke emotion in the reader.
Like its fiction, Liminal is searching for poems of a particular tone.  We like poems with strong imagery and precise language.  Fantastical elements are encouraged, but not required.  Some of the editor's favorite poets include, but are not limited to, Claudia Emerson, Jamaal May, Judy Jordan, Jack Gilbert, Ai, and David Kirby.
We will consider poems of any length, and pay $50 per poem on publication. 
Liminality is an online quarterly magazine of speculative poetry edited by Shira Lipkin and Mattie Joiner. We are very pleased to meet you. We’re looking for speculative literary poems that touch the heart as much as the head; poems of the liminal, the fluid, and the fantastic. We’d love to see work that shifts shape, refuses to be to be easily pinned down or categorised. We actively welcome diversity; we want to hear new as well as established voices. Tell us tales we thought we knew, the way only you can tell them. Give us new myths.  Liminality pays $10 per poem, for first worldwide publication rights and non-exclusive anthology rights. 
Your poetry can encompass an inanimate object, an animal, musical instrument, faerie, demon, alien world influencing our modern world, or the embodiment of intangible things such as Death or Time. We accept a wide variety of poetry - speculative, horror, modern fantasy, literary, slipstream. 
Submit no more than five (5) poems per file, and upload only one file per submission period. Anything other than the first 5 poems will be discarded unread. Liquid Imagination pays a flat fee of $8 for short stories and poems and $3 for flash.
The Literary Hatchet is an Internet journal devoted to dark fiction (short stories) and provocative poetry and prose. We are interested in well-written but easy to read works in the horror genre, but also accept works that are paranormal in nature.  We will consider previously published material but prefer original works.  We accept short fiction essays, first-person narratives, speculative fiction, short stories, poetry, photography, art, illustrations, and humor pieces.  We're interested in new angles on old ideas, or topics that don't get covered frequently. We like to showcase articles that don't just sum up some issue but make us think and make us want to read further.  The above is not exhaustive. If you don't have an immediate idea for a piece, but you'd really like to write for us, let us know and be prepared to show us work you've done. We can always think of subjects!  POETRY: We are looking for high-quality extraordinary poems (both serious and humorous) that explore the darkness that resides in each of us. Personal pieces that offer a self-reflection are acceptable.  POETRY: we prefer poetry under 100 lines — $5
The Lovecraft eZine wants well-written, original Lovecraftian and Cthulhu Mythos fiction.  While we enjoy and appreciate pastiche, best read works will feature an original voice and new takes on old themes, not simply mimicking Lovecraft’s style.  Simple mentions of Cthulhu or the Necronomicon do not make a story Lovecraftian.  For us, the bestLovecraftian fiction share the tone and themes of Lovecraft: Cosmic horror, the discovered knowledge of the unnameable terrible things behind the curtain of reality, etc.  The Lovecraft eZine pays $50 for accepted stories over 3,000 words and $25 for stories under 3,000 words, poetry, or flash fiction.
For poetry, it’s the same thing. Poems must revolve around the idea of the colonization and exploration of space. Payment will be $5 per poem, on publication for first rights. No reprints or simultaneous submissions.
*Mirror Dance-
Mirror Dance is a quarterly online magazine of fantasy fiction and poetry. We are open to all sub-genres of fantasy, including magic realism, urban or contemporary fantasy, sword and sorcery, fantasy-of-manners, and stories with mythological or folkloric themes.  We are open dark fantasy, science fantasy, and historical fiction with fantasy elements. We do not publish science fiction or non-supernatural horror.  We are happy to consider reprints. Please include previous publication details in your e-mail. We have a slight preference for stories that aren’t currently available in a free-to-read online venue, such as your blog, another e-zine, or a critique site that is not password-protected.  Poetry of all lengths will be considered, from haiku to epic narratives. We value strong imagery, precise word choice and a tight, specific focus. Poems must have an identifiable fantasy or mythic element. Please do not send more than three (3) poems in one submission.  Mirror Dance pays $5.00 upon acceptance for each work of fiction or poetry. We can make payments through PayPal, check, or an online donation to the project or charity of your choice.  Mirror Dance aims to respond to all submissions within two months.
*Mithila Review-
Mithila Review is a speculative arts and culture magazine. We are open to original submissions as well as translations from around the world.  Speculative arts and culture encompass literary and artistic works in the broad genre with supernatural, fantastical or futuristic elements i.e. science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, horror, alternative history, magic realism, uncanny and weird.  We welcome literary and speculative poetry from around the world. Please send us your best work. Our favorite poets include Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Amal El-Mohtar, Arundhathi Subramaniam, Gwendolyn Brooks, Kabir, Li-Young Lee, Shweta Narayan, Sofia Samatar, W.B. Yeats, among others.  $10 for original poetry, essays, flash stories (under 2.5K words), and reprints; $50 for original stories between 4-8K words or longer.  Response Time: 1-3 weeks. Average: 1 week.
We are interested in quality Dark Poetry (no epics, please).  Pays $.30 per line (if printed in the PRINT magazine).  Expect to be edited.
We are more likely to publish stories that are less than 6000 words and fit a science fiction or fantasy theme. We tend not to publish horror.
Poem:  The kind of poem that is more likely to be accepted, for publication in Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine, is the kind of poem that will appeal to a wide range of people.
Payment: (upon publication)  First North American serial rights for accepted stories and poems are purchased at 2.5 cents (Canadian) per word, to a maximum of $125.00. Contributors will also receive one copy of the issue their contribution appears in. Contributors may also purchase extra copies of their issue at a contributor discount, as long as their issue is still in stock. Discount varies depending on cost of publishing and cost of mailing. publishes speculative fiction of every stripe except graphic horror. We like each issue to have an eclectic variety of stories:  funny, frightening, hard and soft sci-fi, adventure, thoughtful, etc. Every issue includes at least one nonfiction piece dealing with some aspect of science, myth, folklore, or literature as it relates to speculative fiction, usually of the well-researched essay variety rather than opinion or editorial. Speculative poetry is welcome. We tend to receive a lot of free verse and not enough "form" poetry.  Please no more than 5 at a time, any length. Be sure there is a science fiction or fantasy element or they will not be considered.  Poems (any length):$20.
Themed issues. $10 per poem.
The editorial philosophy of the magazine reflects my own personal taste in genre fiction. To me the scariest and most deeply moving horror stories are not about monsters or about good vs. evil, but rather about the reader’s own fears and discomforts. Similarly, for Not One of Us, fantasy isn’t about pseudo-medieval worlds, science fiction isn’t about space opera or funny-sounding names, Westerns are not about gunfights. In our magazine, it’s all about the characters.  $5 plus one copy for poems.
*Nothing’s Sacred Vol. 5
Nothing’s Sacred is Jack of No Trades Productions’ horror magazine. It is made up of original short fiction, poetry, articles, book reviews, two-sentence short stories, and comics. As said in the magazines’ namesake, nothing is off limits. The horror within can range from subtle to grotesque, psychological to physical, dark to full out terror so long as it is character driven. Theme-wise, Nothing’s Sacred is relatively open outside of distasteful stories of rape, the degradation and/or humiliation of women, and child porn of any kind.
3 poems max per submission. 250 words max per poem. Pay rate $10 per poem.
Strong voices that don't sound like anyone else. Original ideas would be great, too, though they're much harder to come by. Beautiful, startling images and language. Current and future science would be nice.  Basically, I'm interested in contemporary poetry. That means blank, free verse, or discursive prose poems.  We pay $50 for poetry.
Here’s what we want: poems that ooze with sonic pleasure. (Please, just remember to wipe the ooze off before submitting.) Poems that stagger from line-to-line with an animated corpse’s lingering bravado. As with our fiction, we’re interested in strangely human, humanly strange pieces, that captivate and scintillate. We want language that surprises us. Language with strong enough voltage to shock us back to life. Send us your finest work. That’s all we ask. Poets will be paid $10 per poem in addition to one contributor's copy total.
No restrictions on genre, length, theme, or style. Send up to five (5) poems in a single file.  Payment: $40 per accepted poem.
We prefer poetry composed in the new fabulist tradition. Phantom Drift exists because its editors wish to found a journal devoted to work that shatters or valuably distorts reality, whether this means surrealism, magical realism, fantastique, or bizarrerie. We value writing whose imagination is unafraid to shift shape, writing that generates unique alternatives to and uncharted voyages away from conventional realism. As poetry editor, I welcome your submissions and tend to favor poetry of a sinister bent, but am open to work readers might label new weird, slipstream, and/or fantastic. Submit sonnet, abcedarius, prose poem, or lipogram. Send gothic, supernatural, steam punk, or science fiction. If you possess unabashedly strange, unpublished work which shows such unusual tendencies as these, Phantom Drift wants to see it. Send us your weirdest verse in submissions of 3-5 poems. Payment is $5 per page with minimum $10 for single page poems, and 1 contributor copy. Additional contributor copies will be available for 55% discount.   
Poetry on SF or fantasy themes. We prefer strong visual images. We pay $20 for a poem.
Because our title says “Pulp” Literature, some authors assume we want guns and blood.  The “pulp” in our title refers to cheap pulp paper, which we someday hope to use.  We want our magazine to include a balance of all genres, including fantasy, romance, mystery, literary, etc.  Reprints, poetry and illustration at variable rates.
Reckoning Press-
The short version: fiction preferably at least a tiny bit speculative, nonfiction preferably more creative than journalistic, poetry tending towards the narrative and preferably with some thematic heft, art your guess is as good as mine. But the heart of what I want is your searingly personal, visceral, idiosyncratic understanding of the world and the people in it as it has been, as it is, as it will be, as it could be, as a consequence of humanity’s relationship with the earth.
Simultaneous submissions are ok. Multiple short poetry submissions is ok; with longer submissions, please send just one at a time. Feel free to submit again after you hear back. Query for reprints. Length: 0 – 45,000 words, inclusive. Response time has ranged from one to three months. Payment is six cents a word for prose, twenty dollars a page for poetry, art minimum twenty-five dollars per piece.
Recompose is a magazine of interstitial short works - both prose and poetry. We are looking for flash fiction and poems that walk the line between one of the "speculative" genres —science fiction, fantasy, and horror— and the literary genre. There's a lot of space in those cracks, but there must be both a discernible integral speculative element and a literary element. While horror is a speculative genre, we ask that you be cautious with the use of graphic sex or sexual assault and avoid gratuitous use of either. We are looking for poetry and short prose works. We are paying professional rates: $0.25/line for poetry up to 50 lines and $0.06/word for prose up to 1000 words. You may submit works that slightly exceed those limits; just be aware of the pay limits.
*Sanitarium Magazine-
We’re looking for work that chills readers to the bone, makes us think the impossible is all too possible, and leaves a lasting impression. We want characters we can relate to, care about, see ourselves in, and obsess over. Authors are encouraged to submit works which fall under any form of horror and supernatural fiction (including but not limited to body horror, psychological horror, stories of the paranormal, dystopian works, and “creature features”).  Body horror, psychological horror, and pieces dealing with the supernatural or paranormal are all encouraged.
Sanitarium Magazine will only consider works submitted during the following reading windows:
– May 15th (as of 12:00 a.m. EST) to July 15th (until 11:59 p.m. EST)
– November 15th (as of 12:00 a.m. EST) to January 15th (until 11:59 p.m. EST)
Authors whose work appears in Sanitarium Magazine will receive a $5.00 USD honorarium, as well as a digital copy of the issue their work was featured in.
Send 2 to 5 unpublished poems in a single Word file (doc or docx) via our online submission manager—Submittable. We publish literary poetry with speculative elements. We prefer free verse poetry between 10-100 lines and prose poems or flash poetry under 500 words. We will consider a limited amount of traditional form poetry, experimental poetry, found poetry (with proper citations) and a constellation of themed Haiku (or titled linked Haiku) consisting of three or more pieces, as well as bilingual submissions (with permissions if necessary-see speculative poetry in translation).  $8 for single poems and $25 for Featured Poets (by invitation only). 
A horror and fantasy journal featuring short fiction, essays, poetry, reviews, and art by both seasoned pros and talented newcomers!  25 cents a line or minimum $5 for poetry.  Send submissions to
The fiction we publish most of tends toward but is not limited to the speculative. This does not mean only quietly desperate stories. We will consider items that fall out with regular categories. We do not publish gore, sword and sorcery, or pornography. We can discuss these terms if you like. There are places for them all, this is not one of them.  Poetry: $5/poem. Paid on publication.
Please note that poems should be no longer than a single, standard 8.5 by 11 inch page, and must be of a speculative nature — either science fiction, fantasy, horror, or any combination thereof will do.  No simultaneous submissions or reprints; multiple submissions okay within reason (don’t send more than three poems at a time). Payment made upon publication and is a flat $5.00 per poem.
In January 1978, Suzette Haden Elgin founded the Science Fiction Poetry Association, along with its two visible cornerposts: the Rhysling Awards and the association's newsletter, Star*Line. Star*Line has become not only an SFPA forum and networking tool, but a literary magazine for poets of the genre persuasion: imaginative poetry from hard science fiction to high fantasy, from the macabre to straight science, and from rigid formalism to experimental and surrealist works.  For Star*Line, ideally, you would send 3–5 poems at a time, single-spaced, pasted into the body of one e-mail, no oftener than once per month.  Payment for poetry: 3¢/word rounded to next dollar, minimum $3. One copy to all contributors.
STONE TELLING is a poetry magazine co-edited by Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan. We are looking for literary speculative poems with a strong emotional core. We focus on fantasy, science fiction, surrealism, and slipstream, but we are happy to consider science poetry and literary poetry without a fantastic element as long as it fits the flavor of the magazine. Please note that we are not a mainstream literary poetry market, and poetry without a speculative element would be a hard sell.  PAYMENT: $10(US) per unsolicited poem under 120 lines, upon publication. Payment for a poem over 120 lines (epic) is 20$; please indicate line count for such poems.
We're looking for high-quality SF, fantasy, horror, and slipstream poetry.  We're looking for modern, exciting poems that explore the possible and impossible: stories about human and nonhuman experiences, dreams and reality, past and future, the here-and-now and otherwhere-and-elsewhen. We want poems from imaginative and unconventional writers; we want voices from diverse perspectives and backgrounds.  We want poems that understand "literary" does not have to equal "boring"; poems that know how to write strange without being senseless; poems that balance inventiveness with traditional structures. We like mischievous poems, pensive poems, and everything in between.  We don't see nearly enough true science fiction or formal poetry. However, poems must substantiate their forms; a rhymed weak concept is still a weak concept. Sonnet plus spaceship is not enough.  Pay rates for new poetry will be $40 per poem, regardless of length or complexity.
Poems may be in any form. Free Verse is neither required nor given special preference. Formal poetry is recognized and welcomed. Translations are welcome if the translator has permission from the owner of the copyright.  Poems may be of any length, though an epic may not get read for quite a while.  Read our motto: "Good poetry is meant to be understood, not decoded." If your poetry can only be understood by you or your close group of friends, share it with them.  Payment is ten dollars, for first publication in Strong Verse and nonexclusive reprint rights.
THROUGH THE GATE is looking for fantastical poetry of literary and emotional depth from a diversity of voices and perspectives. Our definition of fantastical is quite fluid, encompassing fantasy, magic realism, myth, folklore, surrealism and slipstream. We desire poetry that is atypically beautiful, unconventionally imaginative and boundary-crossing. What we don't want is science fiction or mainstream work — please don't send it to us.  We place no limitations on what we will consider in regards to form or style — but be warned: we are not inclined towards rhymed poetry and very rarely accept it. Instead, try us with prose poetry, collaborative poetry and other such innovative work. We wish to see everything: divergent, whimsical, curious and otherwise.  Payment is $10 (USD) per unpublished poem by PayPal or mail.  
*Twisted Moon Magazine-
Twisted Moon is a magazine of erotic speculative poetry.  We want your best erotic speculative poetry.  We are also interested in seeing poems depicting kink and non-traditional relationships.
We welcome poems with any, or none, of these elements by anyone who feels inspired to write them. Bodies, sexual and sensual affairs, sexuality, and the ways in which we experience desire are vast and varied. Surprise us. Catch us off guard. Send us something we’ll be thinking about days after reading it.  Our submissions are open several times a year on a rolling basis. Payment is USD $10 per published poem at a flat rate, and it is our goal to increase this in future. Payment will be made by PayPal only. 
Uncanny Magazine is seeking passionate, diverse SF/F fiction and poetry from writers from every conceivable background.  We want intricate, experimental stories and poems with gorgeous prose, verve, and imagination that elicit strong emotions and challenge beliefs. Uncannybelieves there’s still plenty of room in the genre for tales that make you feel.  Uncanny is looking for original, unpublished speculative poetry of any length. Payment is $30 per poem. 
We are looking for original (no reprints) well-written weird stories. Our tastes are broad and we are looking for any of the following: fantasy, dark fantasy, sword and sorcery, ghost, horror, heroic fantasy, science fantasy or just plain odd.  NO MYTHOS AT THIS TIME PLEASE!  Current payment is $5 per thousand words up to a maximum of $30 and a printed contributor’s copy.
Wild Musette-
The Wild Musette Journal of Music, Mystery and Myth is a literary magazine focused on imaginative stories, inspired poetry, traditional music and dance, and fantasy. The journal is published twice per year in the spring and fall and is distributed in print and ebook formats, as well as being available as a free online blog subscription.
Poems should be accessible and hit you in the gut with truth and image. Don’t be afraid of humor. Our readers want to be inspired and offered a unique view. Your use of form and classical allusion won’t impress us. Poems over one page in length are unlikely to be well-received unless they are especially focused on the Journal’s current themes.
Poetry & Flash Fiction: $15
We really want Weird Fiction that’s personal, cosmic, and psychological. We here at Dunhams enjoy the fiction of Thomas Ligotti, Richard Gavin, and Robert Aickman, etc.. So keep that in mind. We are NOT looking for horror stories that are simply vehicles for Cthulhu Mythos entities. If you are going to involve any of Lovecraft’s cosmic horrors, you better be doing it in an offbeat way. This is not a Lovecraftian press. (Though we love Lovecraft).  $25 + One Contributor’s copy for Xnoybis.

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