Wednesday, March 27, 2019

L. A. Vintage Paperback Festival

Kyle and I have been to the L. A. Vintage Paperback Festival a few times but this is the first year we attended as guests last weekend.  It was so fun!  We browsed around all the tables and scored a few choice books.

As I was waiting in line to get The Last Unicorn signed by Peter S. Beagle, I was getting nervous about being late for my signing slot.  A volunteer saw me and ushered me to the front of the line.  I felt semi-bad.  Peter was the nicest guy and signed my book.

Then Kyle and I sat next to him as he went a little over his time to sign more people in line.  As Kyle was setting up his books for sale, Peter apologized to him for taking over his space. 

After we checked out all the tables and shopped, we grabbed lunch and sat with a few friends.

(Michele Brittany, Robert Barr, Tracy L. Carbone)

(Kyle, Nicholas Diak, Michele Brittany)

(Robert Barr, Tracy L. Carbone, Pete Atkins)

(Ricky Grove, Lisa Morton, Nicholas Diak, and Michele Brittany)

(Nicholas Diak, Hal Bodner, Tracy L. Carbone)

 After the festival, we headed to the after party at a hotel.

(Lin, Laree Hollywood, and Robert Barr)

(The Pumpkin King)

(Jason V Brock)

(?, L. P. Dopp, and Kyle)

(Hal Bodner, Tracy L. Carbone, Ray Garton)

(Chris Bennet, Pete Atkins, Scott Connors)

(Hal Bodner, Stephen Woodwoth, Pete Atkins)

(And Kyle)

(William F. Nolan and Sunni Brock)

I also received an awesome gift from Jenny Brundage!

We plan on signing again next year.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Weirdbook Annual #2: Cthulhu by Wildside Press and Outposts of Beyond by Alban Lake

I recently received my contributor copies of the Weirdbook Annual #2: Cthulhu by Wildside Press and Outposts of Beyond Jan. 2019 by Alban Lake.

Weirdbook contains my poem, Asenath, which is based on the character from The Thing on the Doorstep by H. P. Lovecraft.  It is written in the same femme fatale style as Carathis, Ligeia, Mircalla, Sephora, and Ilvaa which all can be found in Diary of a Sorceress. 

Outposts of Beyond features my poem reprint, Vexteria.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Joyce Carol Oates Reading

One of the cool things about working at the only college bookstore for 8 different colleges, is getting to sell books at author reading events that happen around the campuses.  Joyce Carol Oates was one such event.

I was actually sad to learn that her reading was happening on my day off and that I would not be the one selling her books at the event, but then it occurred to me that I could just go and actually sit and watch the reading with my hot date, Kyle, and I was instantly better.

She was an excellent reader and speaker and I was pleasantly surprised at how much poetry she read and discussed.  She went on and on about topics and would veer off in different directions but I loved it.

After the reading, I went up to her, got a few books signed, and totally gushed.  I probably spoke way too fast.  But she signed everything and talked more about poetry and horror a bit and she was the sweetest person ever.  It was amazing.