Monday, October 31, 2016

Next Project?

As Diary of a Sorceress is being finalized and formatted and edited and all that good stuff to get ready for publication, I am contemplating my next project(s?).  Diary of a Sorceress encompasses horror, dark fantasy, straight fantasy, and some (dark) romance.  It is comprised of my favorite genres.  But the next two "diaries" I have planned I want to be a bit more focused.  I want one to focus more on horror and dark fantasy.  I want it more Gothic.  And the other I want to make pure fantasy.  Not dark fantasy (maybe though, because that's so damned hard to resist) but light, beautiful, epic fantasy.  Unicorns, dragons, kelpies, selkies, faeries, sirens, mermaids, all those wonderful creatures.  But all those creatures can be evil and dark, you say!  Yes, they can.  I guess what I want to aim for in that one is wonderment and adventure.  I want to write the kind of fantasy that made me become a  reader when I was little.

I have about 12 poems already written for the horror/Gothic "diary" but I have another side project I am tinkering with.  I have been writing poetry since I was in middle school and so, have compiled tons of poetry.  I have picked about 50 poems that I have found salvageable and actually like enough to consider editing them.  Now what was my poetry like as a preteen/teenager, you ask?  Decadent with lots of psychological horror.  And more visceral.  There was hardly any fantasy, dark or otherwise, written during that time.  They were also not written as a narrative with a kind of story like the poems I write now.  They were definitely raw and full of emotion.  Anyway, this I want to eventually publish and have out there as a cool and different look at my poetry.  I would hate to be accused of writing the same old things.  If you actually want a look at what that kind of poetry would look like, I will post links to some poems I plan to include in it (after heavy editing).

Created and Pale Radiance (the first two poems I ever had published!)  
Light Fades from Her Dark Embrace and They Shall Forever Remain (A revised version of Under the Chrysanthemums will actually be in DoaS)      
Paper Doll Displays, Dead Kings Rise, Frozen Tides, and The Porcelain Garden (Revised versions of Paper Doll Displays and The Porcelain Garden were going to be in DoaS but in the end I felt they were out of place theme-wise)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Black Wings VI Contract!

My contract for Black Wings of Cthulhu VI arrived!  This is the most awesome contract for a piece of my work I have ever received.  My poem, On a Dreamland's Moon, will appear in this book and is the first poem in the book!  I'm excited and hopefully, you are too!

Spectral Realms No. 5 by Hippocampus Press

I have received my contributor's copy of Spectral Realms No. 5 by Hippocampus Press.  My poems, Dark Poet of My Heart, Fallen Atlantis (dedicated to Donald Sidney-Fryer), and Ever Fair appear in this issue.  This is the second to last issue of Spectral Realms.  Unfortunately, Weird poetry isn't as popular as we hoped it would be and Spectral Realms isn't selling too well.  Issue 6 will be the last in the series.  I urge everyone who is a fan of Weird, fantastical, and horrific poetry to support this series.  Each issue is chalk full of amazing verse from a diverse group of poets.  Renown writers such as Donald Sidney-Fryer, William F. Nolan, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Wilum H. Pugmire, Jason V Brock, and John Shirley have appeared in these issues along with many, many other outstanding talents.  I can't recommend this series enough.  

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy Issue Two

My poem, The Rotting Goddess, is featured in the latest issue of The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy.  I am a huge Scandinavian and Celtic myth and history fanatic and The Rotting Goddess is a visceral telling of the infamous Valkyries.  The Audient Void is only $7, guys.  It is totally worth it.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

H. P. Lovecraft Film Fest Portland, OR 2016

Kyle and I took a 30 hour train ride to Portland from L. A. and man, was that intense.  We were joined by Michael Adams and Scott Connors, eventually, and that made it a lot more enjoyable with company.  We stayed at the amazing balladeer, Adam Bolivar's, house with his lovely wife, Erin, and son, Jasper.  When we recovered from the trip, we headed to the fest to get our guest badges and finally meet long time Facebook friends!  Dan Clore and Wade German were the first we met along with D. L. Myers who we went to have dinner with at the Moon and Sixpence.

(Left to Right- Adam Bolivar, Me, D. L. Myers, and K. A. Opperman)

After that, we headed to the EOD center and met my publisher, Derrick Hussey, for the first time at the Hippocampus Press table.  I was kind of nervous but he was one of the coolest people I met at this fest.  We all chatted and looked at the vendors while we waited for 10pm to come so we could start our panel.

(Derrick Hussey)

(Adam Bolivar and Derrick Hussey)

I was really nervous, this was my first panel ever, but I think I concealed it well enough.  I was surprised S. T. Joshi asked me to talk about my forthcoming poetry book; I was not expecting that.  I should clarify that my femme fatale series isn't only based on villains from Gothic novellas but Gothic, horror, dark fantasy stories in general.

After the panel we headed to the Lovecraft Bar with Derrick, Dave (D. L.), Adam, Kyle, and myself.

We actually didn't actually go in because it was pack, except Derrick, so the four of us went to a cemetery instead.  We checked out some cool gravestones and then headed back to Adam's house for the night.

Saturday morning started slow and we were a bit late for the author signings.  We just couldn't leave Erin's delicious handmade apple cinnamon rolls and frosting which made an excellent breakfast.  I received a phone call from Scott Connors who told us that Derrick was wondering where his poets were.  It was hilarious.  We arrived a bit after 10 and snagged a table.  The four of us actually didn't have any books to sell for the signing so Derrick gave us the Spectral Realms to sell.  Anything we sold we got to keep the money and that is how we all bought pizza for lunch.  It was awesome.  I even got to kiss a few books!  Whoot whoot!  

(K. A. Opperman, D. L. Myers, Dan Sauer, and Dan Clore)

(Wade German, D. L. Myers, K. A. Opperman, Me, and David Barker)

(Wade German, D. L. Myers, and Me)

So we headed across the street to Atomic Pizza but what would have been a five minute walked turned out to be like 30 minuted because we kept running into people to talk to.

(Molly Caitlin)

(Cody Goodfellow)

(Molly Caitlin, Me, and K. A. Opperman)

(Left to right- Dan Saur, D. L. Myers, Michael Adams, K. A. Opperman, David Barker, Adam Bolivar, and Molly Caitlin)

(Scott R. Jones)

After pizza, Adam, Dave, Kyle, and I headed to Lone Fir Cemetery with Darin Coelho Spring to re-film our interviews for the Clark Ashton Smith documentary we're in.  Originally it was just Kyle and me, so I was happy Adam and Dave were included in the documentary this time.  

(Mushroom ring)

(Darin Coelho Spring)

(Adam, Dave, and Michael)

(Kyle and Darin)

(Dave reading Song of the Necromancer)

(Adam reading Nyctalops)

(Kyle, Dave, Me, and Adam)

We went back to Adam's house to chill for a bit then had dinner at the Horse and Brass before we headed to the Brock's party.  Oh man, what a party!  Sunni made me a drink called the Black Nebula and that just set the mood for the rest of the night.  Amanda Wolfe unfortunately could not be here, for she was at another con, but left Sunni some homemade cordial for me to try.  We then had many shots of that.  A mixed berry cordial and a plum cordial, which were both very good.  

(S. T. Joshi and Dave)

(S. T., Jason V Brock, and William F. Nolan)

(Dave and Michael drinking Re-animators)

(Bill, Dave, and Michael)

(Jason and S. T.)

(Dave, S. T., and Derrick)

(Adam, Dave, and S. T.)

(S. T., Wade German, and Dave)

(Derrick and Jason)

(Dave and Kyle)


I was having a great time feeding tortoises, having drinks, and chatting with all these fellow writers and poets.  We didn't leave until about 3am and we got there just after 8pm.  Oh, did I mention they live in Washington?  We went to two states on this trip!  That party was a blast.

We slept in and didn't really have to be anywhere on Sunday until later for our readings.  We had an amazing home cooked breakfast and then headed to Powell's Bookstore.  That place was incredible and I wish I had enough time to spend all day there.  After that, we headed to the fest for Dave and Adam's reading, with Jonathan Thomas.

 As Sunday rolled on, Dave and Wade German had to say farewell and head home.

(Wade German)

Adam had a panel at 6 and Kyle, Dan Clore, Dan Sauer, and I decided to get dinner.  We went next door to Sam's Billiards, had dinner, and discussed many fascinating topics.  We were joined by Adam after his panel and then wed headed back for Kyle's, mine, and Jason's reading at 8.  Jason and his dinner party ended up being a little late, so we started without them.  Kyle went first.

Carathis-  Spectral Realms No. 1 by Hippocampus Press

Lover’s Witch-  Weird Fiction Review #5 by Centipede Press
Witch’s Love-  Spectral Realms No. 2 by Hippocampus Press
The Perfect Rose-  Spectral Realms No. 3 by Hippocampus Press
Graveyard Blossom- Halloween Howlings by Rainfall Records and Books
The Abandoned Garden- Halloween Howlings by Rainfall Records and Books
Winter Witch- Winter Horror Days Anthology by Omnium Gatherum Media
Ghoul Mistress- HWA Poetry Showcase 2016
Medusa's Mirror-  Xnoybis Issue 2 by Dunhams Manor Press
Kiss the Stars-  Spectral Realms No. 1 by Hippocampus Press
Even Madness Cannot Hide-  Spectral Realms No. 3 by Hippocampus Press
Vexteria-  Spectral Realms No. 2  by Hippocampus Press
Horror-  Spectral Realms No. 1 by Hippocampus Press
The Glass Vial- The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy Issue One
Ligeia-  Spectral Realms No. 2 by Hippocampus Press

After the reading, we watched Scott Connor's panel on cults.

All good things must come to an end and we had to say farewell to many of our friends.  The next day we scrambled to pack and get ready for a last brunch at the Kennedy School with a few people we didn't get a chance to see at the con; Obadiah Baird and Blaine Stevens.

(Obadiah Baird and Blaine Stevens)

(Obadiah, Blaine, Derrick, Scott, Michael, Jonathan, Kyle, and Adam)

Then we split up and headed back to the train.