Monday, October 31, 2016

Next Project?

As Diary of a Sorceress is being finalized and formatted and edited and all that good stuff to get ready for publication, I am contemplating my next project(s?).  Diary of a Sorceress encompasses horror, dark fantasy, straight fantasy, and some (dark) romance.  It is comprised of my favorite genres.  But the next two "diaries" I have planned I want to be a bit more focused.  I want one to focus more on horror and dark fantasy.  I want it more Gothic.  And the other I want to make pure fantasy.  Not dark fantasy (maybe though, because that's so damned hard to resist) but light, beautiful, epic fantasy.  Unicorns, dragons, kelpies, selkies, faeries, sirens, mermaids, all those wonderful creatures.  But all those creatures can be evil and dark, you say!  Yes, they can.  I guess what I want to aim for in that one is wonderment and adventure.  I want to write the kind of fantasy that made me become a  reader when I was little.

I have about 12 poems already written for the horror/Gothic "diary" but I have another side project I am tinkering with.  I have been writing poetry since I was in middle school and so, have compiled tons of poetry.  I have picked about 50 poems that I have found salvageable and actually like enough to consider editing them.  Now what was my poetry like as a preteen/teenager, you ask?  Decadent with lots of psychological horror.  And more visceral.  There was hardly any fantasy, dark or otherwise, written during that time.  They were also not written as a narrative with a kind of story like the poems I write now.  They were definitely raw and full of emotion.  Anyway, this I want to eventually publish and have out there as a cool and different look at my poetry.  I would hate to be accused of writing the same old things.  If you actually want a look at what that kind of poetry would look like, I will post links to some poems I plan to include in it (after heavy editing).

Created and Pale Radiance (the first two poems I ever had published!)  
Light Fades from Her Dark Embrace and They Shall Forever Remain (A revised version of Under the Chrysanthemums will actually be in DoaS)      
Paper Doll Displays, Dead Kings Rise, Frozen Tides, and The Porcelain Garden (Revised versions of Paper Doll Displays and The Porcelain Garden were going to be in DoaS but in the end I felt they were out of place theme-wise)

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