Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dead Reckonings No. 21 by Hippocampus Press

Dead Reckonings No. 21 by Hippocampus Press features my article, The Resurgence of Weird Magazines.  It also features reviews and articles by Daniel Pietersen, Darrell Schweitzer, Amber Doll Diaz, Ramsey Campbell, Gavin Callaghan, S. T. Joshi, and others.

My article mentions weird publications:

Xnoybis edited Jordan Krall by Dunhams Manor Press

Weirdbook Magazine edited by Douglas Draa by Wildside Press

Skelos: The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy edited by Jeffrey Shanks, Chris Gruber, Mark Finn by Skelos Press

The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy edited by Obadiah Baird
Ravenwood Quarterly edited by Travis Neisler

Nightgaunt edited by Adam Joffrain

Feverish Fiction and Feverish Chixxx edited by Michael Faun by Sleazy Viking Press

Nightscript edited by CM Muller

Cirsova edited by P. Alexander

Turn To Ash edited by Benjamin Holesapple

Occult Detective Quarterly (and Borkchito: Occult Doggo Detective) edited by John Linwood Grant, Sam Gafford, and Travis Neisler

Obscurum: The Death Issue No. 2 by Wolfwych Press

My poem, Lady Death, appears in the latest issue of Obscurum: The Death Issue No. 2 by Wolfwych Press.  Obscurum is a cool little periodical that covers 'the occult, magic, mysticism, poetry and literary works from contemporary writers' and is based in the UK.

This is the second themed issue of Obscurum and features:

Thomas Hurlock 
Magdalena Salata 
Melanie Marshall 
Abigail Wildes 
Ashley Dioses 
Carole Abourjeili 
William Garriock 
Joseph Bouthiette Jr. 
Josh Konwinski 
Katie Doherty

OtV: Pumpkin Progress 6

5/10 Jack-o-Lantern sprouts
4/5 Big Max sprouts
5/5 Sugar Pie sprouts
5/5 Cinderella sprouts
2/5 Amish Pie sprouts

(2 Amish Pie sprouts)

(5 Sugar Pie sprouts in a row, 1 Jack in the corner, 4 Cinderellas)

(1 Jack top left corner, 1 Sugar bottom left, 4 Cinderellas, and 1 Jack on the right)

(My biggest sprout!  Jack-o-Lantern)

(3 Jack-o-Lantern sprouts, 3 Big Maxes)

Friday, July 14, 2017


I have decided to make a Patreon account.  By pledging $1 a month you can access one of my poems every month.  I plan on starting with older work and work my way up.  It would be awesome if you decided to support.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

OtV: Pumpkin Progress 5

They are growing so fast!  My first pumpkin sprout, Crispy, is no longer with us.  He detached itself from the ground.  R. I. P Crispy.  I also got rid of 2 other sprouts that were yellow and did not seem to grow anymore.  I believe that leaves 19 sprouts growing.

(This is the Jack-o-Lantern sprout in the corner.  It is caked in mud and drooping.  Hopefully it lives.)

(These five are my sugar pie pumpkins.)

(Four Cinderella pumpkin sprouts and one Jack-o-Lantern sprout.)

(Giant Jack-o-Lantern sprout.)

(Three Jack-o-Lantern sprouts.)

(Four Big Max pumpkin sprouts.)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

OtV: Pumpkin Progress 4

Two sprouts have sprouted from my second mound!  I also planted five Cinderella seeds, five giant pumpkin seeds, and five sweet pie seeds.  There's definitely going to be some over crowding if they all grow.

(Six can be seen here.)

(Two sprouts on second mound.)

(I think my first sprout will not make it.  Bottom left.)

Friday, June 30, 2017

OtV: Pumpkin Progress 3

All five of my seeds have sprouted!  I also planted a second mound with five more seeds.

(Second mound.)

(Pumpkin Guardian at work.  You see four sprouts here.)

(Fourth sprout that's in the corner.)

(Three sprouts on the mound.)

(The newest sprout on the right.)

(The second sprout off the mound.)

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

OtV: Pumpkin Progress 2

Not only has 2 more sprouts emerged, a fourth one was found growing better than the rest in the corner, under my water fountain.  Two of the four sprouts are not on the mound and seem to have washed down the mound while I watered them.  My first sprout has a third leaf yet seems to be wilting in the summer heat.  My second sprout has also gotten a third leaf.  I am so stoked!

(First sprout with third leaf.)

(First sprout wilting!)

(Second sprout off the mound.)

(Second sprout is getting bigger.)

(Third sprout is on the mound.)

(First and third sprout on mound.)

(Fourth sprout!)

(Fourth sprout is the tallest.)

Monday, June 26, 2017

Poem Acceptance!

My poem, The Fires of Summer, has been accepted for the August issue of The Literary Hatchet by PearTree Press!  The Fires of Summer was written for Kyle for our 3rd year anniversary.  Next month we celebrate our 5th year together.

Feverish Chixxx Vol. 2 Arrived!

My copy of Feverish Chixxx Volume 2 by Sleazy Viking Press has arrived!  My picture, er poem, Siren, O Siren, can be found within.  I also got this awesome little pentacle charm with it.

Friday, June 23, 2017

OtV: Pumpkin Progress 1

I planted five pumpkin seeds in the mound and so far one is sprouting very well!  It's getting pretty tall.  It's been here for awhile but I just thought it was a weed and not a pumpkin.  So today I decided to look up what a sprouting pumpkin should look like and behold... it is a sprouting pumpkin!