Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ravenwood Halloween Issue by Electric Pentacle Press

I am so excited to announce that my story, the Goblin of Tara, was accepted for the Ravenwood Halloween Special.  This makes it my second story sale ever!  And in the same month as my first story sale!  October must be my lucky month!  My poems, A Witch's Necromancy and the Skull Beneath the Skin, also appear in this, with the Skull Beneath the Skin appearing on the back cover with art by Mutartis Boswell.

(Look at that gorgeous back cover!)

Table of Contents

Samhain Remembered by K. A. Opperman
A Summoning by S. L. Edwards
Trick or Death by Calvin Demmer
Jakob's Yard by Andrew Bell
The Great God Belial by Michael Shultz
Heiya Hush Ya by Donald Armfield
The Score by Brandon Barrows & Steve Rupp
A Place of Escape by Rob F. Martin
Apex Predator by Julie Frost
A Witch's Necromancy by Ashley Dioses
These Guys by Russell Smeaton
Moundbuilders by Kevin Wetmore
Repeat by DJ Tyrer
The Goblin of Tara by Ashley Dioses
Walking the Veil by S. L. Edwards
Weatherall by Diane Arrelle
The Headless Horseman by K. A. Opperman

On the back:
The Skull Beneath the Skin by Ashley Dioses
Art by Mutartis Boswell

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