Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Review of The Rat in the Rabbit Cage

Tangent reviews Weirdbook Annual #1: Witches by Wildside Press, edited by Douglas Draa and gives a brief review of every fiction piece in the anthology.  Unfortunately Tangent never reviews poetry, so this is the first time they have reviewed my work.

“The Rat in the Rabbit Cage” by Ashley Dioses

"Emily is visiting her distraught sister, Theodora, in this short horror story. After accepting a strange white rat from her equally strange neighbor, Theodora’s pets are disappearing. Color changes in the rat convince Theodora that it’s eating each pet. The rat acquires a patch of fur the same color of each pet when that pet disappears.

Emily hears how Theodora returned the rat to her neighbor, but her new dog still goes missing soon after she brings it home. Now she has convinced Emily to go and confront the old witch next door.

The intrigue about the rat provided enough pull and the writing craft was okay. It was an interesting story that left the reader mystified."

Not bad for the first review on my first published story.  I'll take it!

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