Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Spectral Realms No. 6 by Hippocampus Press

(Check out this awesome art!)

My two poems, Night Play and Siren's Song, appear in this latest issue of Spectral Realms.  Night Play is a sonnet about the narrator meeting a Pegasus and Siren's Song is about the folly of listening to the demon's luring song.



 Spider Eggs / John Shirley

 Edgar A. Poe (1809–1849) / W. H. Pugmire

 Finite / Ian Futter

 Oracle / Wade German

 Next / John J. Mundy

 The Fateful Flower / Frank Coffman

 Vul Ravin / D. L. Myers

 Transfiguration / Ronald Terry

 Mistress of the Dark Fortress / K. A. Opperman and Leigh Blackmore

 Un-Hallowed E’en / Richard L. Tierney

 Diluvian Night Out / Jessica Amanda Salmonson

 Chrysalides in the Cromlech / Jeff Burnett

 When the Stars Are Right / Oliver B. Harris

 The Dust That Was You / Mary Krawczak Wilson

 Hunted / Claire Smith

 The Spell / Liam Garriock

 Moonlight in the Playground / Christina Sng

 An Unimaginable Horror / Norbert Gora

 The Fugitives / Manuel Pérez-Campos

 Under the Tuscan Moon / Leigh Blackmore

 Kappa Alpha Tau / Josh Medsker

 Yes, There Are Wonders Beyond Death / Darrell Schweitzer

 rUBBLE ®ubbLe / Jason V Brock

 Desolation / M. F. Webb

 The Cosmic Women / Pat Calhoun

 Descent / Ian Futter

 The God-Builders / Nathaniel Reed

 Sighting / Ross Balcom

 Falling for You / John J. Mundy

 Icons / Ronald Terry

 The Sword / Chad Hensley

Dual Purpose / Kyla Lee Ward

 A Dream from R’lyeh / Charles Lovecraft

 The Witch of the Woods / Frank Coffman

 Fallen / Claire Smith

 The Germ of the Earth / Farah Rose Smith

 The Road to Long-Ago / Ruth Berman

 Spawn of the Wicked Hive / Jeff Burnett

 Night Play / Ashley Dioses

 The Prey / Mary Krawczak Wilson

 A Return / Benjamin Blake

 When the Earth Was Young / Christina Sng

 The House of Gloom / Adam Bolivar

 Elder Beings / Leigh Blackmore

 Reunion / Manuel Pérez-Campos

 The Awen / Michelle Claire White

 Ghosts of  1816 / Clay F. Johnson

 Quetzalcoatl / Kendall Evans

 Relic / Nathaniel Reed

 Admonishments for the Incautious / David Barker

 Yaga / Oliver Smith

 The Demon Corn / D. L. Myers

 Timeless Ghosts / Liam Garriock

 Clearing Sky / Ronald Terry

 The Door / Christina Sng

 Tending the Grave / Ian Futter

 Woodsmoke: A Folk Song That Never Was / John Shirley

 The Wolf’s Last Words / Claire Smith

 Dark Solstice Cold and Deathly / Richard L. Tierney

 The Rainy Season / John J. Mundy

 Siren’s Song / Ashley Dioses

 The Mask of Leprous Light / Jeff Burnett

Of Rippers, Psychos, and Scarves / Randall D. Larson and Charles Lovecraft

 Dark Shuttle / Ruth Berman

 Downstream / Oliver Smith.

 The War of Dragons / Christina Sng

 Temple of the Plumed Serpent / Ann K. Schwader

 Those / David Barker

 Samhain Redivivus / Frank Coffman

 Classic Reprints

 The Old Ghost / Thomas Lovell Beddoes

 Red Ghosts in Kentucky / Leah Bodine Drake


 In Pursuit of the Transcendent: The Weird Verse of Walter de la Mare / Leigh Blackmore


A Dreamer’s Rimes / J.-M. Rajala  (H. P. LOVECRAFT. Fungi from Yuggoth: An Annotated Edition.)

Ghostly Verses / Michael J. Abolafia  (SHANNON CONNOR WINWARD, ed. Eye to the Telescope. Issue No. 22: “Ghosts.”)

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