Thursday, November 27, 2014

Official Table of Contents for Barbarian Crowns

Here is the official Table of Contents for Barbarian Crowns:

                                               Photo: Justyna Plichta-Jendzio's promotional poster for Barbarian Crowns,  more specifically her story "Gods' Will." Done by the talented and amazing Aleksander Karcz.

The Oath of an Umbrian
By Teel James Glenn

The Mask of the God Hunter
By Howie Bentley

Hero, for a New Dark Age
By Richard L. Tierney

Encounter at the Blind Pig
By Steve Perry

The Gnawing of Gol-goroth
By Frederick J. Mayer

Blood in the Streets of Tasmin
By Mark Slade

What the Waves may Bring
By Juan J. Gutierrez

Of Drums and Thunder
By Travis J. Gates

By Russ Parkhurst

The Cult of Ævänah
By Matthew Knight

Vault of Bones
By Scott Rinehart
By Brian Barnett

The Hunger of Elder Thryxia
By E.s. Wynn

Rossi's Fall
By E. Romi Frost

Kormand the Dragonslayer
By Karlton B. Douglas

The Standing Stones
By Karlton B. Douglas

The Last Escape
By Teel James Glenn

The Floating Island Of Tauret Mok
By Kevin Henry

By Joas Dale Miller

The Treasure of Trakos
By Teel James Glenn

Hail, Nordhalla
By Joas Dale Miller

One Night in the City-State of Shal-Hah-Vi
By Mark Finn

The City of Two Brothers
By Antonis Katsaros

Scion of the Black Tower
By Paul Batteiger

In Frost, Out Fire
By Joas Dale Miller

Engulfed by Flames
By Petros Leptos

The Southland Saga
By Mark Sims

The Lady of the Dagger
By K.A. Opperman

The Crown of Destiny
By Thomas G. Cunningham

The Old Grey Oak
By Joas Dale Miller

Two Princes
By Susan Murrie Macdonald

Atlantean Sword
By Matthias Jansson

The Chamber of Lusts
By Matthew Knight

By Amitabh Vikram

Vixen's Song
By Susan Murrie Macdonald

The Oath
By Kevin Henry

The Devourer
By Leonard Carpenter

Gazraelle in the Shadowgate
By Matthew Knight

By K.A. Opperman

The Last Queen of Lobath
By Ashley Hunt

A Valkyrie's Vendetta
By Ashley Dioses

Lore of the North
By Joas Dale Miller

Chronicles of the Obsidian Crown
By Byron A. Roberts

The Darkness Below
By Brian M. Sammons

Gods' Will
By Justyna Plichta-Jendzio

Photo: Coming soon from Barbwire Butterfly Books.

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