Thursday, December 4, 2014

Writing Updates

Lets see....  My original goal was to hit 100 poems for my poetry MS.  I hit it but decided that a little sonnet cycle I had in there, was incomplete.  It contained only 4 sonnets and I felt that that wasn't enough, so I took them out, leaving 96 poems for the MS.  They will be included in my next poetry MS, complete.  I have now finished writing the 4th poem to make up the loss of the 4 sonnets.  So I have again reached my goal of 100 poems.  Yay!  Any additional poem I write now will be an added bonus.

December is a big month for publications, I'm happy to say.  Weird Fiction Review #5 should be in my hands in about a week-week and a half, according to S.T.  I am so excited to be in this issue with such writers like Jason V. Brock, Darrell Schweitzer, Ann K. Schwader, and others.  I have one poem in it, Lover's Witch.  Check it out, it's awesome....


Next is the awesome battle hungry Barbarian Crowns by Barbwire Butterfly Press!  "This anthology will be brutal, bloody and unforgiving. Filled with the primal emotions evoked by Robert E. Howard. With glimpses into worlds of horror, lust, revenge, and love written by an amazing group of talented authors." Juan "Dedgryn" Gutierrez
I have a poem in this titled, A Valkyrie's Vendetta.  Read the real story behind the warrioress battle-slain carriers of Scandinavian mythology.  Or at least one of their stories.  Here is an in-progress cover art sketch by the talented artist Stephen Cooney.

                                   Photo: Preview of the cover for Barbarian Crowns by artist Stephen Cooney

Lastly is the Book of Jade by David Park Barnitz, reprinted, and added to, by Hippocampus Press.  I have an essay in this book focusing on and close reading his poem The Grotesques.  My thesis covers the analysis of Barnitz's view on the absence of an afterlife and his view on death, a very prominent theme in his work.  My essay is titled, The Grotesques: Sins Against the Afterlife. 

"The Hippocampus Press edition of THE BOOK OF JADE has been many years in the making, and is the definitive critical edition, containing an authoritative text together with a lengthy bio-bibliographical essay by Barnitz scholar Gavin Callaghan. Appendices provide contemporary reactions to the book's release, as well as an assortment of rare writings by Barnitz, never before collected. A substantial selection of critical essays on the BOOK OF JADE, newly commissioned for this volume and edited by Michael J. Abolafia, rounds out the volume."

                                     The Book of Jade by David Park Barnitz     


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