Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chapbook Review- The Eldritch Quintuplets by Michael Tice & R.A. Strong

I met Michael Tice at the HPLFF in San Pedro this year.  He read some of his humorous limericks at the reading and I was interested in reading more.  By the time I found it though, I already spent my budget on many things already.  I persuaded Kyle to get it for me (it was only $6) and he did.  Michael signed it for me and I was quite pleased to add another signed book to my collection.

I just finished reading it and I found it very charming.  Each limerick goes over a brief summary of the corresponding HPL's story.  So if you can't remember exactly what a specific story was about, these limericks should help you out.  I quite enjoyed this chapbook and I recommend it for a light and amusing read.



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