Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tea with S.T. Joshi

So yesterday Kyle and I met up with S.T. and his wife, Mary, at his sister's house in L.A.  It was awesome!  We then treated them to tea and snacks at a nearby Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  We talked for hours and moved from there to a nearby park and then, when it got colder, back to the house.  He wanted to know both our life stories and how Kyle and I met.  We discussed a majority of the current weird writer's and their work.  He told us that he wanted us to go to conventions and that Kyle's book should come out in time for the next Horror Writer's convention and that S.T. would like to submit his book for an award.  He wanted to know the status of my poetry book and how far along it is and was impressed to know that is nearly finished.  He also loved my title for it and my section ideas.  He told Kyle and I he would like each of us to be in more upcoming Spectral Realms and Weird Fiction Review; speaking of which, he brought the latest edition to show me since I have not received my contributor's copy of WFR yet.  We talked about so many fascinating things that I could just go on about and he happily signed a few books for us.  It was a very exciting meeting and he assured us that it wouldn't be the last time we'd meet.  I greatly look forward to the next possible meeting, whenever that may be.









  1. HAHAH! I love it! You guys should come visit us. We'll hang out and go see Wilum Pugmire... :)

    --Jason V Brock

  2. I would love to meet Wilum Pugmire! And David Barker as well.