Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The King in Yellow Poetry Anthology

So crazy awesome day today.  I got a lovely facebook message from an editor inviting me to submit a poem for a new KiY poetry anthology.  I've never heard of him before and he wasn't on my friend's list yet.  My facebook is set to private though my author's page is of course, visible to anyone.  I asked how he heard of me and he said from Mr. Joe Pulver, who is the co-editor of this antho!  I've only spoken to Mr. Pulver once, inquiring about his Cassilda's Song anthology which he told me was full and by invitation only.  That was in the beginning of October!  So I was quite surprised that he suggested me for this anthology.  Yes, it's KiY related but did he remember me from that message?  Has he read my work to think it'd be a good fit for this antho?  I imagine that he would have a lot of more known authors to choose from than me.  I'm quite honored by this.  And excited, of course.


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