Sunday, December 28, 2014

Book Review- These Black Winged Ones by Wilum Pugmire

This little chapbook is 32 pages long with the first 12 being the intro, written by Peter Rawlik.  I greatly enjoyed the main character and her hidden sinister nature.  It completely took me by surprise how clever and calculating she was at the end.

I can't imagine not having dreams.  My dreams give me visions and sometimes blesses me (or curses me) with vivid thought out plots and dialogue that have me quickly writing them down when I wake up so I can fashion them into stories or poetry.  I can understand her turning to the occult to find a way to dream.  I would have done the same though maybe not so dramatically.



  1. Many thanks for your comments on my wee chapbook! It was a fun story to write, an idea I have been obsessed with for years in regard to the setting, which originated in H. P. Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu." Wishing you a very Happy 2015!