Thursday, December 18, 2014

Invitation to Coffee from S.T. Joshi

In the summer, S.T. Joshi mentioned to Kyle through email, that he and his wife Mary, might travel down here to visit his sister during the Christmas holiday.  He asked if perhaps he'd like to meet up and perhaps also with me.  This is before he knew that Kyle and I are a couple.  So we just finalized our plan and will meet him at his sister's on the 26th.  Kyle and I are beyond stoked!  Actually meeting S.T. face to face and chatting seems so incredible!  And of course, he inviting us was awesome.  I was quite honored to be asked to join in the meeting as well!  

Anyway, I looked through my bookshelf and discovered that I have 13 books that S.T. either edited and/or compiled!  1 of which is already signed by him.  So I have 12 books of his and must contemplate which to take!  I posted this dilemma on the S.T. Joshi Enthusiast page and got a sweet comment from Mary telling me to feel free to bring them all and that she looked forward to meeting us.  That was very sweet but I won't bring them all.  Signing books is not the point of the meeting, it is simply a bonus.  And I would not want to bombard him with so many to sign on our first and perhaps only meeting.  

That's quite a heavy stack.  Kyle suggested I bring the Lovecraft books as well as books that S.T. oversaw himself such as Spectral Realms and Black Wings of Cthulhu 2.  Which makes sense and that alone would be 7 books.  We'll see.

Now, what to wear??



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