Reviews/Praise/Comments On My Work

1.  Praise on Dark Valentine and Ghoul Mistress.

2.  Marge Simon on my poem Witch's Love after I sent her my article for the Blood and Spades column for the HWA newsletter.

3.  A shout out to my poem Carathis in Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year Vol. 7

4.  John Shirley on My Poem 'Witch's Love' from Spectral Realms No. 2

5.  Amazon Review for Inanna Rising: Women Forged in Fire by J Ellington Ashton Press

6.  David Barker to Wilum H. Pugmire on My Poem 'Carathis' from Spectral Realms No. 1

7.  Amazon Review for Skelos - The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy (Volume 1)

8.  Mike Hunter on "Diary of a Sorceress" poem from Skelos Issue 1

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