Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spectral Realms No. 3 Has Arrived!

I think Hippocampus Press might've rushed a bit on this one.  The ToC is inaccurate.  It lists my poems on pages 34, 80, and 102.  My poems are really on pages 35, 77, and 100.  So I'm sure everyone else's poems are off as well.  There's also an inconsistency that I noticed in 2 of my poems.  My poem, A Queen in Hell, is dedicated to Poe and a few spaces underneath the title it reads 'For Edgar Allan Poe'.  My poem, A Perfect Rose, is dedicated to French and directly underneath the title it reads '(For Nora May French)'.  That may seem like nothing to some, but it bugs me.  They should look the same and be in the same spot.  Other than that though, the book is filled with great authors that I look forward to reading.  This should prove to be another excellent volume of weird poetry from Hippocampus Press.


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