Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winning Streak!

Lady Luck has been kind to me lately.  On Saturday I won two free registrations for StokerCon 2016!  So it looks like Kyle and I will see you there!  Now he just has to get on the final ballot....

And I was a runner up for a Horror Selfie contest for HWA's Nothing's Scarier than Being Alone campaign for Adopt-a-Shelter Dog (pet) month!  And this is the book and model, Ki, in the picture:

I won a book, which book though, I do not know.  The 2 first place winners must choose first.  I'll post the book here when I know.  :)

And here is the book I won!  Midnight Walk edited by Lisa Morton.

I actually won another contest.  A little poetry contest where you had to construct a poem out of three book titles.  The book titles were A Coin for Charon, The Dark Age, and October's Children.  This was my little poem.

In silence, October’s pale children creep
Into the darkest of ages, where sleep
Brings them through eldritch doors, yet without coin
For Charon, into Hell, his Hell, they join.

I won the A Coin for Charon ebook.

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