Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Inventory for the LoveCraft Wines Speak Easy Pre-Party and H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival® and CthulhuCon™ San Pedro 2016

Yesterday, Kyle and I were busy getting ready for the awesome pre-party and film fest this weekend.  We went through our book inventory and this is what we are selling at the film fest.  We are supposed to be getting 2 more of the Crimson Tome but at the moment, we have 60 books to sell!  All books are Hippocampus Press books with the exception of Gothic Blue Book Vol. 5: The Cured Edition by Burial Day Books and Halloween Howlings by Rainfall Records and Books, signed by Steve Lines.

12 The Crimson Tome by K. A. Opperman
5 Spectral Realms No. 1
5 Spectral Realms No. 2
5 Spectral Realms No. 3
10 Spectral Realms No. 4
The Book of Jade by David Park Barnitz: A New Critical Edition (2 are signed by Michael J. Abolafia)
5 Halloween Howlings (Signed by Steve Lines)
4 Gothic Blue Book Vol. 5: The Cursed Edition
5 Rapture of the Deep by Cody Goodfellow
2 A House of Hollow Wounds by Joe S. Pulver, Sr.
1 Blood Will Have Its Season by Joe S. Pulver, Sr.
1 Sin and Ashes by Joe S. Pulver, Sr.
1 Porttraits of Ruin by Joe S. Pulver, Sr.

Kyle and I will also be reading poetry at the LoveCraft Wines Speak Easy Pre-Party and will be signing wine bottles.  My poem on Nyarlathotep decks the wine label on the wine of the same name.

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