Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Weridbook #33 by Wildside Press Arrived!

I have just received my contributor copies of Weirdbook #33 by Wildside Press!  My poems, Bathory in Red and Blood Siren's Alcove, can be found within.

Table of contents


The River Flows To Nowhere by John R. Fultz
The Amnesiac’s Lament by Scott R Jones
Trance Junkie By Bruno Lombardi
Bad Faith by Will Blinn document page 56
Dwelling of the Wolf by Franklyn Searight
The Ruby Palace by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
The Screams at the Keyhole by Garrett Cook
Diary of an Illness by C. M. Muller
Teatime with Mrs. Monster by James Aquilone
Train to Nowhere by Adrian Cole

Poetry & Prose
A Cure for Unrequited Love by Donald W. Schank
The Owl by S. L. Edwards
Bathory in Red by Ashley Dioses
Blood Siren's Alcove by Ashley Dioses
The Woodland funeral by K.A. Opperman
The Lady in Scarlet by K.A. Opperman
The Ghost Carriage by K. A. Opperman
Hymn to Shub-Niggurath by Darrell Schweitzer
SFATLICLLP'S GHOUL by Frederick J. Mayer
NILE LAMIA RECALLS by Frederick J. Mayer

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