Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Devolution Z January 2017: The Horror Magazine Volume 16

Man, I've been trying to get into Devolution Z for what seems like forever.  They just look so cool!  And finally, I got a poem accepted!  My poem, Nadia, appears in this and is the first sonnet of an ongoing vampire themed mini-sonnet cycle I am writing.  I have never written a sonnet cycle before and thought I'd try my hand at it.  My goal was 10, and then 5.  I originally wrote 4.  The first 4 will appear in Diary of a Sorceress and a 5th one that I wrote recently will go into my next collection.

Dead Bread—Ramona Thompson
Nadia—Ashley Dioses

The Breed: Last Watch—Daniel Soule
With the Taste of Paris on My Tongue—Tom Howard
Justice—Vonnie Winslow Crist
Eyes Like a Butterfly—Jason Lairamore
Sons of the Spider—Toni Johnson
Rolling Zombie Bones—Guy Stewart & Ryan VanAlstine
In Tall Grass—Jeremy Mac
Deliver Me—E. M. Sole
You Can Never Go Home Again—Lena Ng
Incident Zero—Ryan Neil Falcone
Homo Aquaticus—Chance Barton

Stuart McMillan
Terry Sheppard

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