Wednesday, July 12, 2017

OtV: Pumpkin Progress 5

They are growing so fast!  My first pumpkin sprout, Crispy, is no longer with us.  He detached itself from the ground.  R. I. P Crispy.  I also got rid of 2 other sprouts that were yellow and did not seem to grow anymore.  I believe that leaves 19 sprouts growing.

(This is the Jack-o-Lantern sprout in the corner.  It is caked in mud and drooping.  Hopefully it lives.)

(These five are my sugar pie pumpkins.)

(Four Cinderella pumpkin sprouts and one Jack-o-Lantern sprout.)

(Giant Jack-o-Lantern sprout.)

(Three Jack-o-Lantern sprouts.)

(Four Big Max pumpkin sprouts.)

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