Sunday, June 16, 2019

Poem Acceptance

My poem, Strung by a Noose, will appear in the final Test Patterns anthology, Weird Westerns, by Planet X Publications.  Here is the full ToC:

Ashley Dioses – Strung by a Noose
S. L. Edwards – The Older Laws of John Armitage
Scott Couturier – Buzzard-man
John Ghost – The Terror at Cleopatra Hill
Thomas Joyce – No God’s Country, No Man’s Land
Jill Hand – The Burning Women of Glory
Christopher Slatsky – Justo’s Mummy Magic Capac Cuna Medicine Company
GD Dearborn – Daltrey Returns
Dustin Chisam – Into the Emerald Frontier
Sarah Walker – The Foreigner
John Paul Fitch – Gut Shot
Erica Ruppert – Oh, Bury Me Not
Sean M. Thompson – Dark Sky Above
Max Stanton – The Transported Man
Alan Sessler – The Ogre West
Can Wiggins – Sweet Betsey from P.I.K.E.
Zoltan Komor – Planted Bullets and Coffin Whores
K. A. Opperman – The Sheriff and the Succubus
Duane Pesice – In the Name

Strung by a Noose will also appear in The Withering.

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