Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Writing Updates

As some of you may know, The Withering publication has been delayed.  We were hoping to have it released late September in time to be released at the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival in early October, but that came and went.  Unfortunately, the publisher has been dealing with a lot of serious personal issues that require his full attention and has not kept up with correspondence in the last few months.

All art for The Withering is basically finished (I just need one more pumpkin...!) and I have the introduction in hand, written by the amazing John Shirley, cowriter of The Crow among many other brilliant written and artistic work.

With The Withering being held up and not being able to communicate with the publisher, I've been put into a bind.  I have around 45 additional early works poems that I've excluded from The Withering that I've been giving a second look.  I was thinking that they could be assembled into a second book with the original title, Darkest Days and Haunted Ways.  Darkest Days and Haunted Ways was the first title I came up with in high school before I came up with The Withering.  However, if the rights to The Withering revert back to me before it's published, I might add these additional poems to it and shop it to another publisher I know that takes longer manuscripts.  I really hope it does not come to that though.

Because of this bind, I will be focusing on editing these additional early poems, therefore, Diary of a Vampyress will be put on hold for the moment.

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