Saturday, February 22, 2020

Circe's Cauldron: Pagan Poems and Tales of Magic and Witchcraft

I just received my copy of Circe's Cauldron: Pagan Poems and Tales of Magic and Witchcraft by  Bibliotheca Alexandrina. My poem reprint Nitokris appears in this anthology.

Table of Contents

L’Envoûteuse (The Sorceress) by Georges Merle
From the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief by Rebecca Buchanan
The Alchemist’s Side of the Story by Marie C. Lecrivain
Allegory by James B. Nicola
Aradia by Hayley Arrington
Brigid by Lee Clark Zumpe
Ceridwen by Rebecca Buchanan
Circe, Starweaving by Clarabelle Fields
Daoine Sidhe by Lee Clark Zumpe
Fleurs du Mal by Ed Ahern
Full Moon Over the Crossroads by Gerri Leen
The Girl in the Moonlight by Gerri Leen
Goddess of Pohjola by Tahni J. Nikitins
Greatest (x3) by Rebecca Buchanan
Hecate by Lee Clark Zumpe
Hecate (Detail from Jupiter and Semele) by Gustave Moreau
Hecate’s Domain by Gerri Leen
Hekate Song by Todd Jackson
Hodh by Shirl Sazynski
Hymn to Freyja VI by Rebecca Buchanan
Hymn to Hekate II by Rebecca Buchanan
Enki by Samuel David
I, Adapa by Samuel David
Inside the Circle by Nick Thompson
Invocation to Medea by Hayley Arrington
Magic of the Magician by Chelsea Luellon Bolton
Myrddin by Lee Clark Zumpe
Nimüe by Hayley Arrington
Nitokris by Ashley Dioses
Pyramids of Giza by David Roberts
Orphic Archeology by Mark J. Mitchell
Priestess by James B. Nicola
The Resting Place by Gerri Leen
Triple-Bodied Hecate by John Cosway
Selene by Gerri Leen
The Sleeping Forest by Rebecca Buchanan
The Spell of the Sorceress Grimhild by Sarah Yasin
Strega by Nancy Byrne Iannucci
Diana by Simon Vouet
Taliesin by Hayley Arrington
Villanelle: Odysseus’ Afterwords by Todd Jackson
Witching Hour in the Suburbs: A Devotional Poem to Hekate by Clarabelle Fields
Young Circe Discovering Witchcraft by Clarabelle Fields
Appendix A: Select Deities and Other Figures
Appendix B: Our Contributors
Appendix C: About Bibliotheca Alexandrina —

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