Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Poetry Book

I am currently working on my first poetry book.  I had the goal to write a poetry book since I was about 12.  My dad is a poet and I grew up to him reading poetry and the stories he wrote.  He prompted me to write and read.  I was never really interested in writing poetry though, until I studied Poe in middle school.  That, paired with Cradle of Filth music and Stephen King novels, fueled my inspiration for my new writing outlet.

I wrote a few poems throughout middle school and then wrote one almost everyday in all my math classes through high school.  Needless to say, they all sucked.  I could not grasp meter and syllable count and other important components to poetry writing.  All I cared about was that it was dark and that it rhymed.  So I gave up writing poetry.

I hoped that I could still get some of them published, so during college I submitted a few to random ezines to see if there were any takers.  I finally landed a couple in the Horror Zine in 2011.  That was when things started to change.

Not long after I was published there was I contacted by K.A. Opperman who, at the time, was poetry editor for the Dark River Press ezine.  He had read my poems and wanted me to submit to Dark River Press.  I happily agreed and he urged me to start writing poetry again and patiently taught me about the important poetry components I was lacking.

That's when I started compiling new, better, poetry for a new poetry book.  S.T. and Derrick have expressed an interest in publishing it whenever it's done in due time for Hippocampus Press.  I have about 92 poems so far and am currently in the editing process.  It should be an awesome compilation of horror, weird, and fantastical traditional and formal verse.                      

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