Saturday, June 6, 2015

Writing Updates #1

My contributors copy of the Book of Jade reprint with added stuff by Decadent poet David Park Barnitz , should be in my hands next week and I cannot wait to get it.  I have a critical essay in it entitled The Grotesques: Sins Against the Afterlife which focuses on his multiple part poem, the Grotesques.

Horrified Press has announced that the Lovecraftian poetry anthology, Beyond the Cosmic Veil, should be released on June 30th.  I have 2 poems in this called the Medallion and Celestial Mysteries.

Spectral Realms No. 3 is due to come out in July.  I have 3 poems in this; A Queen in Hell, inspired by Poe's Annabel Lee, A Perfect Rose, a tribute to Nora May French, and Even Madness Cannot Hide, inspired by the King in Yellow stories.

While Weirdbook has rejected a story of mine, they love a poem of mine instead!  However, the editor is trying to get permission to work on the next issue to be able to officially accept it.  Hopefully it works out.

The HWA Poetry Showcase has finally declined my poem, damn their free verse ways!

Dunhams Manor Press has accepted a sonnet of mine called Medusa's Mirror for their 2nd issue of Xnoybis to be due out this autumn.


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