Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Diary of a Sorceress

I am ecstatic to announce that my debut poetry collection, Diary of a Sorceress, has been officially accepted for publication by Hippocampus Press!  I have written poetry since I was 12 and always wanted my poetry to be the first book I ever publish.  And now I am proud to say that it will.  The publication date is tentative for next year but there are two other poetry collections in the queue before mine.  So we shall see and of course, I will keep updating this blog and my Facebook as soon as I know more.

I have made a Facebook page for Diary of a Sorceress.  I will write fun little tidbits about many of the poems that are already published as well as post various readings by myself and others.

Table of Contents

 Prelude- My Dark Diary

I. Entry One- Atop the Crystal Moon
Diary of a Sorceress
A Sorcerous Tome
The Glass Vial
Witch Lord of the Hunt
Labyrinthine King
Midnight Stride
Night Play
Moon Enchantress
Atop the Crystal Moon
Scarlet Autumn Aurora
Fire Sprite 
Lord of the Deep
Fallen Atlantis
Medusa’s Mirror
Morning’s Moon
Lady Death

II. Entry Two- Kiss the Stars
A Sea of Snow and Frost
The Abandoned Garden
Graveyard Blossom
Under the Chrysanthemums
Calla Lilies
Black-Veined Whites
The Perfect Rose
The Dwelling Place
The Moon
Kiss the Stars
Celestial Mysteries
The Hands of Chaos

III. Entry Three- Star Lighting
One Winter Eve
To an Unknown Mistress
A Queen in Hell
Ever Fair
Star Lighting
Lover’s Witch
Witch’s Love
Dark Poet of My Heart 
Dark Valentine
Dark Valentine II
My Dark Valentine
The Celebration of Dreams
The Fires of Summer
Rondel to My Love
Sky Fallen Maiden
A Sorceress’s Love
A Lover’s Sorceress
They Sing in Whispers
A Glamorous Touch
Prisoner of Love
On Amaranthine Lips
Sweet Renegade
Siren’s Song
Can I Stop Your Heart?

IV. Entry Four- On a Dreamland’s Moon
The Black Goddess
Ghoul Mistress
My Corpse, My Groom
A Valkyrie’s Vendetta                
The Rotting Goddess
On a Dreamland’s Moon
Winter Witch
The Necro-Conjuring Sorceress
Narda the Czarina
Castle Csejthe
Painted in Blood
Bathory in Red
I. Nadia 
II. Bat in the Boiler Room 
III. Black Orchid 
IV. The Power of the Sun 
Blood Siren’s Alcove
Twisted Trails of Thought
Lady in Black Velvet
With A Love So Vile
The Easter Lily
Even Madness Cannot Hide
The Medallion
A Sorceress’s Final Vision

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