Wednesday, November 14, 2018

ToC for The Withering!

The Withering is a compilation of my 50 best poetry from my early years.  It clocks in at around 9800 words and contains an afterword, endnotes, the chronological order, and the acknowledgments.  I am working on getting an introduction for it and some blurbs.

I have also sent it off to two interested publishers, so cross your fingers!

My Afterword gives a little history of how these poems came to be written and what I was going through during that time that perhaps influenced a lot of the themes in it.  Here is the first paragraph.

" I began writing horror and dark fantastical poetry since the age of twelve.  My inspirations then included writers, musicians, and artists such as Edgar Allan Poe, J. R. R. Tolkien, The Misfits, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, and Luis Royo, among others.  The Withering is basically the end result of listening to a lot of metal and reading horror."

The endnotes give a little insight on various poems from what inspired them to some being certain milestones in my poetic career.

Table of Contents

I. A Luminous Darkness (Nature)

A Luminous Darkness
Light Fades in Her Dark Embrace
Plague’s Wake
Life Decayed

II. Pale Radiance (Supernatural)

A Lust for Blood
Quest for the Flesh
Into the Dark I Came
Dead Kings Rise
Karmic Repercussion
Like a Fixed Star
Djinn Deceiver
Hollow King
The Sorceress’s Lament
The Prideful Scribe
Crimson Swirls
In the Name of Hell
Pale Radiance
Paper Doll Displays
A Soul of Filth
Tears of Eternity
Behind Dead Eyes Part 1
Behind Dead Eyes Part 2
I Am the Most Beautiful Angel
The Entrance

III. Night Cries (Psychological Horror)

Twisted Saying
Night Cries
Dreams Forever Will Remain
The Darker Me
Believe Me
The Picture
The Porcelain Garden
A Haunting Sensation Part 1
A Haunting Sensation Part 2
The Creator
The Monster
The Guillotine
Splinters in My Skin
Death Upon Me

IV. A is for Axe Murderer (Body Horror)

A is for Axe Murderer
The Surgical Suite
Body Parts
The Body Shop
Strung By a Noose

Chronological Order

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