Friday, May 24, 2019

Clark Ashton Smith Documentary at the Auburn State Theater

Kyle and I had a blast in Auburn for the CAS documentary showing in Auburn last month.  We stayed at the haunted Historic Cary House Hotel in Placerville while there for the weekend.

(Our view from the balcony)

After we checked in,  we headed to Auburn for a little get together before the showing. 

(Michael Berryman, S. T. Joshi, Derrick Hussey)

(Michael Berryman, Derrick Hussey, Michael Adams, James Fallweather, Frederick J. Mayer, S. T. Joshi)

After lunch,  we headed to the theater. 

(Michael Berryman and Charles Schneider)

(Michael Adams, Scott Connors, Kyle)

(Darin Coelho Spring, S. T. Joshi)

(Ron Hilger, Scott Connors, Cody Goodfellow, S. T. Joshi, Skinner, Charles Schneider, Kyle, and Darin Coelho Sring)

After the showing we headed to Ron Hilger's house for the after party.

(S. T., Kyle, and Scott)

(Charles and Darin)

(Charles, Kyle, Derrick, and Joesph Cendejas)

(S. T., Scott, and Darin)

(Charles about to do some magic)

Saturday we had breakfast and wandered a bit before we got drinks. 

(Kyle, Derrick, and S. T.)

(Derrick, S. T., Darin, and Scott)

(Sam Cowan, Darin) 

(Cody Goodfellow, Sam Cowan) 

(Michael Adams and James Fallweather)

We then headed to Cody Goodfellow's reading at the nearby art gallery. 

We left Sunday morning and headed back home with various treasures and memories. 

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