Thursday, August 8, 2019

Review from Matthew St. Cyr for Behind Dead Eyes Part 1


Review #1

By Ashley Dioses

TPP starts off with a sullen, melancholic bit of poetry.
I'm not going to even attempt to sound like I know what I'm talking about by spouting off phrases like iambic pentameter and rhyme scheme. Both are there and both are spot on, but you already knew that would be the case.

No, instead I wish to pontificate the subject of this poem: A lost soul who knows not her purpose, only torment and pain.

I'm guessing that editor Duane Pesice knew what he was doing when he slated this piece for the first slot.

The lost soul in this poem is an amalgamation of all the lost souls contained with the pages of this book.

Looking at the TOC, I see that part 2 ends the book and I'm willing to bet you 5 bones that the second part will be just as fitting an end.

Let this spectral journey begin.....

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