Friday, March 6, 2015

Book Review: Inanna Rising: Women Forged by Fire edited by Amanda M. Lyons

I have to admit that the cover, the title, and the description of this volume threw me off when I read the book.  I thought this would be more oriented toward ancient themes, such as warrior women from the past such as the Celts, Scandinavian shield maidens, Spartans, and such.  So I was a bit thrown off when I read stories taken in modern and even futuristic themes.  It's my fault though, for the guidelines were about strong women rising up from their own personal hells and that could be in any time frame.  Saying that, I still enjoyed the book.  Seeing Red by Michael Kanuckel and A Raven's Blessing by Sam Reese and Melissa McDannell, however, were my favorites for both themes fit my taste the best.  I definitely want a sequel to Seeing Red, that is an awesome tale.  I did enjoy the new take on Bathory in Forged in Blood and Steel by Susan Simone, the Lovecraftian theme in The Sleeper Beneath by Alex Shalenko, the new take on pirates in the Thirteenth Ship by Christina Engela, and the Vodun zombies in Dead Woman's Hand by Aghori Shaivite.


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