Sunday, April 26, 2015

Book Review- Fearworms- Selected Poems by Robert Payne Cabeen

This book wasn't exactly to my taste but nonetheless the poems were extremely entertaining and clever.  My favorite poem is the Promise.  This poem was melancholy and summoned vivid images that invoked the sense of loss and sadness the poem spoke of.  The language of it was elegant and grabbed you immediately.  Krampus Comes to Town was also a poem I enjoyed very much.  The artwork is amazing and I love the randomness of themes, layouts, and fonts for each page.

There is only one issue I have with this book and that it seems I must have picked a poorly bound copy.  A majority of the first half of the book is completely unattached now from the spine.  I can't turn a page without fear of the page coming out with my hand.  This is a newly bought book and I am disappointed that it is in the condition it is now from one reading.  I don't know if all the books are like that or if it's just mine, just make sure when you get yours you flip through the pages first.

Overall this book was incredibly entertaining even if not to my exact taste and I love the narrative style these poems are written in and the artwork is a fun addition.


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