Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Skelos - The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy Issue Two by Skelos Press

My contributor copies of Skelos - The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy Issue Two by Skelos Press has arrived and it looks freakin amazing.  My poem, Xyre, is featured in this.  Xyre is a sorcerer created by K. A. Opperman (Kyle).  Xyre and Ashiel were characters created together for an epic poem we collaborated on years ago.  I wrote a few poems on Xyre and Ashiel but most have been omitted from my collection because I feel like they weren't my best pieces.  Xyre is one of them.  I let you all be the judge of it's quality.

Short Fiction
The Keeping of Eleanor May – Angeline Hawkes
Slayers at the Gate – Adrian Cole                                                                       
Of Mist, and an Heirloom Sword – Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Medicine For the Dead (excerpt) – Arianna “Tex” Thompson
Bigger Than God – Cynthia Ward
A Binding of Souls – W. H. Pugmire
The Skin Man – Milton Davis (illustrated by Stanley Weaver, Jr.)
The Black Lion – Howard Andrew Jones
Amarante: A Tale of Old Tharduin – Scott Oden

The Eleventh Scarlet Hell – Robert M. Price (A Thongor tale illustrated by Val Mayerik)
Reverse the Charges – Jess Nevins

Carmilla – K. A.  Opperman (illustrated by Esteban Maroto)
The Line of Late Retreat – Michael Walton
Xyre – Ashley Dioses
The Night Realm – Chad Hensley
Ride of the Witchfinder – Wade German
The Mockingbird – Pat Calhoun
A Revelation Dream – Kenneth Bykerk
The Wood – Frank Coffman
Shade of a Murdered Child – James McNew

Clark Ashton Smith in Carmel – Scott Connors
“The Shadow Kingdom” and the Origins of Gothic Horror in Robert E. Howard’s Heroic Fantasy – Charles Hoffman
The Alexander Romance as Weird Fiction – Benjamin Garstad

Special Features
Skull Session – Editorial by Mark Finn
Warrior Women of History – An illustrated gallery by Samuel Dillon (text by Jeffrey Shanks)
Cracking Skulls with Arianna “Tex” Thompson – An interview by Mark Finn
By Crom! – Rachel Kahn

The Bone Yard – Reviews
Dave Brzeski, Bobby Derie, Mike Hunter, Deuce Richardson, Jake Vander Weide, Keith West

Front cover:  Ernst Fuchs; Back cover; Allen Koszowski; Interior: Hieronymus Bosch, Samuel Dillon, Jean-Léon Gérôme, Mike Hunter, Rachel Kahn, Allen Koszowski, Esteban Maroto, Val Mayerik, Hugh Rankin, Stanley Weaver, Jr.

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