Thursday, March 30, 2017

Writing Projects!

I've been invited to do a few writing projects and I'm kind of ecstatic about them.  My first thoughts were 'do they have the right person?'  'They are asking me?!'  I'm kind of still in shock, I mean, I'm just a poet!  Surely, they want a bigger name!  These are the awesome requests I've gotten lately.

1.  Write an article on Gothic Poetry
2.  Write an article on Gothicism in the Creative Arts
3.  Write a blurb for a poetry book
4.  Submit a few poems to a charity anthology
5.  Write a poem for a themed anthology
6.  Write a story for a themed anthology
7.  Write a review on the cool, new weird journals and periodicals that are springing up

This is awesome!  Out of the 7, I have finished 4, started 1, and contemplated how to tackle the rest.

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