Thursday, August 3, 2017

Diary of a Sorceress Up For Preorder!

I am freaking out right now.  My book has a page with a button to buy it that's actually clickable!  And some people have already clicked the button!  This is my first book and I get a page all to myself!  With my name on it!

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(Cover art by Steve Santiago, Model photography by Marcus J Ranum,
Model Bianca Caito,
Most of the stock props provided by Emma Wright  )

Okay, calming down (this energy drink isn't helping with that too much though).

For those of you have been following my career and/or this blog, then you pretty much know what this book encompasses but for those that are looking at my blog for the first time (maybe because you've seen my Facebook post in one of the 53 groups I posted it in) this is what the Diary contains:

Diary of a Sorceress is a collection of formal metrical verses inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, Clark Ashton Smith, David Park Barnitz, George Sterling, Robert W. Chambers, and H. P. Lovecraft along with fantastical and horrific themes can be found within. Vampires, Bathory, ghouls, gorgons, and witches can be found along side unicorns, dragons, kelpies, sirens, and selkies. Gothic, Halloween, weird, horror, erotic, and dark fantasy themes await inside.  It also has a splash of fantasy and a touch science fiction.

The Sorceress has a very interesting birth and you can read about her history on this blog entry.  This is her Diary.

On another equally exciting note, my good friend Adam Bolivar's poetry collection, The Lay of Old Hex is also up for preorder and will be released at the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, OR. this year as well!

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