Wednesday, March 28, 2018

L. A. Vintage Paperback Show

Kyle and I had a blast this year at the L. A. Vintage Paperback Show.  We manned the HWA table and I was able to sell all the books I brought which was awesome. 

(John Shirley shows off his favorite illustration in Diary of a Sorceress.  Maenads by Steve Santiago.)

There was a big birthday celebration for Bill Nolan after his signing.  They brought out 2 cakes and he was definitely surprised. 

(William F. Nolan)

After Kyle and I manned the table for a few hours, we ate, and then wandered through the booths.  I scored a couple of goodies.

I also got a few autographs.

(Gary Gianni signs my Bran Mak Morn book.)

Then after the show, we headed to Days Inn for the awesome after party at the pool.  This is the main attraction for me.  I love hanging around with everyone that I don't get to see except for a few times a year.

(Pete Atkins and Dennis Etchison)

(Dennis mistakenly takes his cigarette ashes for his drink.)

(Me, Dennis, and Jenny Brundage)

(Me, Dennis, Jenny, and Stephen Provost)

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