Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Manfish and Other Tales: World of H. P. Lovecraft Ten by 13th Hour Books

I have received my contributor copies of Manfish and Other Tales Ten by 13th Hour Books.  This is a special edition celebrating over 25 years of publishing the 'zine.  My poem, Djinn Deceiver, comes separately in it's own little booklet or greeting card, as it comes with an envelope.

(My own booklet with Allen K. cover art!)

Unfortunately, this publisher has no online presence that I am aware of.  To order this, you can contact Leslie Thomas at Thomasa893[at]aol[dot]com or write to him at 
13th Hour Books
P.O. Box 9803 
Alexandria, VA 22304

Table of Contents

What is a Ghoul from "Chilling Tales #13" December 1952 Illustrated by Eric Gould
The Sands of the Desert from "Adventures into the Unknown #6" August 1949 Illustrated by Robert H. Knox
Man-Fish from "Adventures into the Unknown #30" April 1952 Illustrated by Robert H. Knox


Djinn Deceiver by Ashley Dioses Illustrated by Allen K.

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