Sunday, March 11, 2018

Writing Update

I have so many ideas for themed poetry collections and it's probably not for my own good.  But I love themes!  And I tend to write many different poems that lean to a certain theme.  Here's the lowdown of what diabolical blasphemies I'm conjuring up.

I really need to focus on one collection at a time and not be distracted by shiny new themed collection ideas.  So the next collection that I want to publish first is The Withering.  If you've been reading my irregular writing update posts, then you know that the Withering is a collection of juvenilia that contains a select few of my poems from my teenage years.  My goal is to have about 50 poems in the collection but as I'm editing them, I find that some fit perfectly into one or another of my themed collections.  Therefore I'm continuously dividing up my poems and spreading thin my collections.  So I'm trying to *not* to do that.  So far, I have 48 poems in the Withering, which is divided into 4 sections; Nature, Supernatural, Psychological, and Body/Gore horror.  This is, of course, a horror collection.  I have about 16 more poems that need to go through their initial/first edit.  Then I can go through the collection a few more times for their final polish.  After that, I can look for a publisher!  Should be fun.

The Withering, I would say, is very dark and personal, for it shows much emotion and has a lot of themes dealing with inner daemons.  During my teenage years I was going through a very hard and dark time.  A lot of shit, completely out of my hands, happened and I lost a lot and almost lost someone.  I won't go into details but let's just say it was a somber and disturbing time.  Therefore, somber and disturbing poetry ensued and it'll all be in the Withering for your viewing pleasure.

Launching from the past and into the future, is the next diary in my diary series, Diary of a Vampyress.  This collection follows after Diary of a Sorceress.  We say goodbye to the Sorceress, Ashiel, and her journey (though their may be a brief hint to her character), and follow the vampyress, Countess Nadezhda, or Nadia, for short in her journey.  Nadia had a few introductory sonnets in the mini sonnet cycle in DoaS.  This collection is aimed to be more Gothic in nature than DoaS.  Diary of a Vampyress currently has 29 poems and is made up of 8 sections so far.  They are currently Vampires and Devils, Witches and Werewolves, Femme Fatales, Romance, Nature, Otherworldly, Halloween/Autumn, and Apocalypse.

The next 3 are part of the series and are diaries as well.  For now they will remain unnamed.

The first is light and dark fantasy themed and currently contains 10 poems with 4 sections.

The second is a devotional containing hymns, verses, invocations, evocations and the like aimed toward different deities and pantheons.  The majority, however, is Norse and Celtic themed.  Mythological poems can also be found within.  It currently has 26 poems and 5 sections, which is divided up by pantheon.         

The third is a water themed collection.  Seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, and all the creatures and stories, legends, and myths surrounding them will be in here.  It currently has 7 poems and 4 sections.

And last, but not least, is my winter collection.  It is not planned to be part of the diary series and will stand alone as a collection devoted to my favorite season.  I want to emphasize that this is *not* a Christmas collection.  Yule, midwinter, and St. Lucia's Day will be a part of this but I do not plan on having Christmas poetry in here.  I am considering including Krampus but that's as far as I go.  I'm also debating whether this collection should have reprints or should be all new winter poems.  I'm leaning toward having all my winter poems, published or not, in here to make it a complete collection of all my winter poems.  With that idea in mind, I have 6 poems slotted for it.  5 reprints and 1 unpublished.

So there it is; my crazy themed poetry collection ideas.  This should keep me very busy for the next few years. 

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